What the Newspaper Say – September 27


By Press Association 2021

A collection of British newspapers

The panic gasoline purchase is the main story in the national newspapers, with the government considering sending the military to help.

The Daily Mirror presents the fuel situation as a “mess” in its headline, adding that Prime Minister Boris Johnson was “warned in June of the lack of drivers and did nothing”.

The independent said at least half of off-highway gas stations would be “dry after a weekend of panic shopping by anxious drivers.”

Transportation Secretary Grant Shapps, meanwhile, insisted there was “no shortage of fuel” and blamed carriers for the panic at gas pumps, according to Metro.

Senior ministers will meet on Monday to discuss the deployment of the military to drive tankers, reports the I, The daily telegraph and The Guardian.

The temperature was informed that the soldiers would likely be put on notice to implement the plan to transport gasoline “within days”.

The “fuel-hungry chefs” are decried by the Star of the day, the newspaper reporting that some gas stations raised fuel prices as drivers lined up outside.

Meanwhile, a Daily mail A reporter spent six weeks undercover in a motorway control room and discovered that 10% of “vital” security cameras “were not working.”

And Downing Street plans to lower the graduate salary threshold for paying off student loans, according to the Financial Time.


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