What are the new Covid rules in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland? | Coronavirus


New restrictions to control the spread of Omicron come into effect across much of the UK after Christmas, although Boris Johnson has yet to decide whether he will impose further restrictions in England. In Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland these are the rules that will apply.

Wales – from December 26

From Boxing Day, a maximum of six people are allowed to meet in pubs, cinemas and restaurants in Wales. A total of 30 people are allowed at indoor events while 50 people will be allowed at outdoor events.

Social distancing of two meters is required in public premises and offices, and nightclubs will close. The rules come into effect from 6 a.m.

Scotland – December 26-27

Restrictions begin on Boxing Day in Scotland, where indoor events are limited to 100 people standing or 200 people seated, and outdoor events are limited to 500 people. Social distancing of one meter will be imposed.

From December 27, there will be additional rules on household mixing. Groups should be limited to three households. A social distance of 1 meter will also be applied in hospitality places such as pubs and restaurants, as well as theaters, cinemas and gymnasiums. Table service will be required in places that serve alcohol.


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