Welsh workers among least likely to receive pay rise amid cost of living crisis


New data has been released which shows Welsh workers are among the least likely to get a pay rise during the cost of living crisis. In a survey by credit advisers, damning results were presented for Wales.

The need for a raise and any additional financial assistance has never been greater. National Insurance, council tax and food and fuel prices have all risen, and experts have warned the spikes won’t start to slow any time soon.

They also warned that the projected 3.1% rise in state benefits and pensions would still fall far short of the projected 8.4% rise in inflation later this year.

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A total of 5,100 UK adults were interviewed by Forbes about their current jobs and asked if they had received any financial incentives due to the cost of living crisis, if they had considered asking for a pay rise due to the current economic situation and if they had received one. if they asked.

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Of all the responses that were collated, Wales ranked third from bottom among respondents who received a pay rise when they asked for one. Here are the results below:

Respondents who received a salary increase upon request:

West Midlands – 35.48%

East Midlands – 31.58%

London – 31.58%

Yorkshire and Humber – 29.41%

North West – 28.57%

Northeast – 28.40%

Southwest – 26.67%

Southeast – 26%

Scotland – 22.92%

Wales – 22.68%

East of England – 20.69%

Northern Ireland – 18.89%

Of 5,100 respondents, 3,546 (68%) said they had considered asking their employer for a raise. The highest number of respondents answering yes were those aged 35-44, with 75% revealing that they had considered asking for more money.

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The age group that was least likely to consider asking for a raise was the over-54s, at 69%.

They also found that while 68% of UK adults wanted to ask for a pay rise due to the cost of living crisis, only 25% did so.

The largest number of these respondents were over the age of 54 at 19.8%, while the 18-24 age group reported the lowest number of adults asking for a pay rise at 16. .7%.

Of those who asked for a raise, more than a quarter (26%) got one. Those who were most likely to succeed in their request for the extra money were between 35 and 44 years old.

Conversely, people aged 18 to 24 were the least likely to get a raise.


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