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Penalize talkers
Saad Email prompted me to come into contact with something that has been going on in my head for the past few weeks. And it’s transfer gossip.

As a West Ham fan, I have a vested interest in this debate this summer. After our best season in ass years, I can’t wait to see if we continue with the new signings needed to compete on additional fronts this season, or if my dreams are destined to fade and die. (I’m pretty sure this will be the last)

Scouring the internet and the daily F365 transfer gossip for new blood news in east London, I have found that a lot of the transfer ‘news’ is about which clubs play the game best. public relations. I understand why Chelsea, City, Man U and Liverpool would be daily features, depending on their appeal to the players and the bags of money they have. But then there are some notable outliers.

The volume of players linked to Arsenal – a club without European football to offer next season, in case we forgot – is laughable, but stories keep pouring in. The Spurs are another frequent resident of the gossip column. Europa Conference League in Spurs competition. And then the permanent garbage fire that is Barcelona. The team that still can’t save the signings they’ve already made and can’t donate some of their unwanted players.

I’m not naive enough to think that the global fan base of these clubs doesn’t bring increased interest and thirst for the news, but isn’t there a time when journalists need to activate the detector? bullshit and call some of these PR departments the bluff? I’m sorry but even the most Arteta-In of the Gooners can’t think they’re going to attract the volume and caliber of the players they’ve been linked with.

I think clubs should be penalized for starting too many rumors meant just to appease #announceanyone idiots by getting them to sign these players at any cost to their current club sets.

I also think West Ham might want to pull their finger a bit, so that I can spend less time getting mad at the other teams that aren’t going to sign.
Andy, Cardiff

F365 says: Cautious optimism in Arsenal’s summer transfer business…

Arsenal realism
Oh Sa’ad… where to start?

I admire your optimism, really. But as a supporter of the team for over 30 years, I have to point out some flaws in your plan.

Bellerin is very likely to leave and unfortunately has not become the player we were hoping for. If we get £ 15million for him from Italy, we have done well. We’ll probably have to spend a lot more than that to sign a replacement (like £ 30million + for Aarons).
We won’t sign Locatelli because he wants to go to Juve. If that doesn’t happen, he’s likely to stay where he is.
Maddison would be way too expensive for us and Leicester won’t sell to a rival.

I like what we’ve done so far, but I think if we don’t get creative with loans, we won’t be able to complete all of the 2nd GK (£ 32million for Ramsdale!), a CDM, a CAM and an RB, not to mention the attackers’ situation. And this all assumes that we also sign Ben White.

I can’t see us financing all of this through sales.

Sorry buddy but finishing in the top 6 would be a solid improvement for us this season. The top 4 seems too far away for us.
Tom, AFC, London

Saad Email Really frustrated me because it’s the kind of overly optimistic (at best) message that makes people laugh out loud, laugh or throw jelly at Arsenal fans.

First, there is the question of whether Arsenal could afford Maddison, White and Locatelli. Followed by the equally important would they all join Arsenal? Are Arsenal a step forward or even a step aside from Leicester at the moment? Locatelli wants Juventus and Juventus wants Locatelli. How are you really “no thanks Juve I’m leaving for Arsenal because who cares about winning the league next season or playing in the Champions League”

Suppose the Kroenkes decide to find a few hundred million deep in their couches and get these three players. Will this team that has never played together before go for it? Will they all stay in shape? Is the depth of our squad magically equal to Chelsea, Liverpool, Man U or Man City?

I love Arsenal and want to see us win it all, but that won’t happen next season, mate. In my wildest dreams we sort of finish fourth, but these dreams involve Mr A Wenger dealing with Man U, Chelsea, Leicester and Tottenham (all of whom finished above us) and inflicting a food poisoning.

Yes, I am deliberately criticizing West Ham because I still have a minimum of false pride.

What do I expect from Arsenal next season? Improvements in points and goals as well as qualification for the Europa League. Not much when you consider 10/15 years ago, but for now I will happily take it and offer a date with my sister for the privilege. Not all gunners are…. all that Sa’ad is right now. Please stop laughing at us.
Balham gooner

Harry’s legacy
I can’t wait to see Spurs spend all their money on the new “magnificent 7” and only 1 turn out to be half decent.
Meanwhile, I’m afraid Arsenal is wasting what little money they have on Tammy Abraham, I’d rather we swap Eddie Nketiah for Wilfred Zaha. Vieria wants it and Arteta likes Zaha please do it!
Sarn (I hope Harry gets a trophy he deserves for wearing Spurs for years)

Watch your back, Marcus
I seem to remember the Football365 Editorial Disclaimer Marcus Rashford that as a result of his successful campaign of free school meals that put this Conservative government to shame, they (the right-wing media) would undoubtedly come after him.

I understand that The Spectator (previously edited by Boris Johnson) is examining whether he has profited commercially from his campaign. So far, no article has been published, but it is interesting to see how this has been disclosed.

Please Marcus be careful there and don’t give these horrible people a chance

Thank you for your efforts and your commitment to the working class
Tony Laforce, Hackney


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