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Put your brand at the forefront of the UK specialty finance market by supporting one of the Mortgage Introducerthe next guides. Here is what is coming at the beginning of 2022 …

January 2022 – Green mortgages

Mortgages, savings, checking accounts and loans are all starting to get greener and it is likely that banks that present a more environmentally friendly offer to their customers will also see an increase in appetite for these. products and services.

Although green mortgages are still relatively new, they are becoming more and more popular and many well-known lenders are now offering these types of mortgages.

While green mortgages are expected to continue to gain popularity over the next several years, our feature-based post will examine the opportunities and long-term outlook for the market.

To be included in our Green Mortgage supplement, contact us at the coordinates below:

Matt bond | [email protected] | 07525 456 869

Tolu Akinnugba | [email protected] | 07551 208 989

Jordan ashford | [email protected] | 07539 529 739

February 2022 – Purchase-lease

Building on the success of previous editions of Buy-to-Let Introducer, we’ll be following up on that with our next installment in February 2022.

With the end of the current era of cheap mortgages, pending interest rate hikes and the growing threat of inflation, opportunities in the buying and leasing industry are growing.

In this economic environment, we will examine the changing appetites of tenants, landlords and lenders. We will keep brokers informed of the state of the market and of the changes taking place in this constantly evolving industry.

To be included in our Buy-to-Let supplement, contact us at the coordinates below:

Matt bond | [email protected] | 07525 456 869

Tolu Akinnugba | [email protected] | 07551 208 989

March 2022 – Loan for life later

This later life loan supplement – brought to you by Mortgage Introducer and Key – is a specialist look at the evolution of the later life loan market.

With more opportunities than ever for advisors to help those over 55 with their borrowing needs, this market has never had more potential or faced more challenges.

This supplement (and the digital panel follow-up debate) seeks to answer the questions this market faces by first inviting you to the March edition of the Mortgage Introducers Roundtable which will focus on loans. lifetime later, giving you a great opportunity to engage and educate Mortgage Introducer readers.

Second, the inclusion of the Lifetime Loan Supplement later in the March issue is an opportunity to not only educate our readers about releasing stocks and other life loan products later, but also to educate our readers about them. educate about what your business has to offer.

To be included in our Subsequent Life Loan Supplement, contact us at the contact details below:

Jordan ashford | [email protected] | 07539 529 739

Lee blackwell | Director of Public Relations and Public Affairs, Key Retraite | [email protected] | 07384 511 140


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