Smiling makes us look older … and what is Prince Harry talking about right now? Five things we learned this week


As if we have nothing to frown on, Canadian scientists have found that smiling makes us look older. This is good if you are over 60, because the wrinkles have already set in and the smile cannot age which is already old. But, if you are young, smiling makes you look older. Fortunately, it is not cool to smile today.

Renting is all the rage, even for the next celebration of baby Jesus. People can rent Christmas trees, decorations, toys, books, dinner tables, and drink carts. Irresponsible parents can even rent bikes to bribe their children. I don’t know how it would work to flip toys, and that doesn’t say anything about renting a turkey.

Excluding portfolio

Now wallets and purses would have become redundant because so few people use cash. But what about your cards, receipts and slips of paper irresponsibly containing your PIN codes? You can’t put them in your pockets willy-nilly. I’ve seen people try to pay with their phones, which has the downside that it never works.

Odd job man

Prince Harry has drawn shame after advising peasants to quit their jobs if they do not bring them joy. Bring them what now? Crowds online, wielding keyboards, said okay for him and so on. Harold’s theory is that self-awareness creates a need for change. A few weeks later, however, it sparked a need to pay the rent.

Sour grapes

Shanghai scientists say grape injections could improve longevity. Alas, their experiment was carried out on – all together now – mice. And it was grape seeds, not real grapes. Ach well. A tabloid reported: “Aging is one of the biggest risk factors for heart disease, cancer and many other diseases. You learn something every day.


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