Shannon LNG, digital switchover and Irish state retirement ranking


Supported by the United States Shannon LNG will seek permission from An Bord Pleanála to build a liquefied natural gas plant and a € 650 million power plant in County Kerry in the coming days. Barry O’Halloran has the details of a plan that has already faced opposition from environmentalists.

Hotel establishments report “big pickups” of tips after installation of JustTip technology, some staff bringing home around € 10 extra per day. Colin Gleeson reports.

On a related subject, Cantillon underlines how service charge automatically placed on your restaurant bill can be devious and unfair.

A project to build a emergency oil storage facility in Dublin for use amid concerns about the impact of Brexit went over budget and required approval of the injection of additional € 1.6 million in funding from the state, writes Ken Foxe

How the Comparison of Irish state pensions with other OECD countries? Fiona Reddan looks at the numbers.

In Q&A, a reader wonders how her family finance nursing home care for his mother since there is no family property in his name. Dominic Coyle offers some advice.

In her media and marketing column, Laura Slattery highlights how RTÉ fails to connect with young children, which is not surprising given the reduced level of resources it allocates to the genre.

In me and my money John Ring, Senior Loan Director at Onate, describes how the financial crisis wiped out most of its holdings.

Based on Westmeath Writech fire protection company secured a ‘significant new investment’ from Irish private equity firm Waterland to accelerate its growth strategy in the UK and Europe and double the capacity of its design and innovation center in Mullingar. Colin Gleeson has the details.

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