Salix Finance supports the public sector push for sustainable energy


Funded by the Scottish Government, Salix Finance has supported the Scottish public sector since 2006, helping institutions reduce their carbon emissions by funding major infrastructure upgrades.

To date, £ 70million of energy efficiency projects have been completed, which Salix says will save the public sector over £ 193million over the life of the projects. Loans are made to institutions subject to the Public Bodies on Climate Change Act 2009 (Scotland).

Successful projects include the independent charity Glasgow Life which runs the leisure facilities on behalf of Glasgow City Council, which has used £ 1.5million in funding to carry out energy efficiency projects across the town, including £ 931,021 of LED lighting upgrades at facilities such as sports halls, libraries, community centers and museums – including replacement of floodlights at the three pitches at the football center Glasgow Green by LEDs.

Christopher Masters, program coordinator for the Scottish team at Salix, looks forward to the launch of future projects in early 2022: “It is an exciting time for Scotland, the hosting of COP26 has generated renewed enthusiasm for energy projects across the country. We are extremely proud of the achievements of the public sector in Scotland, saving around 48,000 tonnes of carbon each year using technology provided by Salix and the Scottish Government, it’s amazing.

He noted that the requests Salix received contained a range of plans: “We are seeing councils adopting a multitude of technologies ranging from solar panels to heat pumps to hydroelectric turbines as part of their action plans for the future. weather. The public sector is making great strides and we are here to support their journey to net zero by 2045. ”

Other infrastructure upgrades include LED lighting for the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall completed in 2019, which was valued at £ 104,000 and will save around 1,427 tonnes of carbon over its lifetime. The concert hall is currently installing new air handling units which will be completed by the end of 2021 and are expected to save 1,508 tonnes of carbon.

Salix also supported East Renfrewshire Council in 2017, which used £ 362,100 from its Salix recycling fund for renovations such as replacing inefficient electric heaters with air-source heat pumps, upgrading to LEDs and the installation of a new building energy management system (BEMS) to manage heat. distribution in eight of their school. This project saves 200 tonnes of carbon and £ 48,198 per year.

As part of the Scottish Green Public Sector Estate Decarbonization Scheme, Salix continues to support the public sector by offering the Scottish Public Sector Energy Efficiency Loan Scheme which provides interest-free funding to institutions to help them achieve their ambitious net zero goals. With £ 70million invested in 780 projects in 2020/21, Salix support funding has saved the Scottish public sector £ 11million this year.

University Financial Transactions Program (UFTP)

Salix will support the Scottish Funding Councils University Financial Transactions Program 2021-22 (UFTP). The program will provide low-interest loans totaling up to £ 32.8million to support university capital investments made in response to the climate emergency. All funding provided must be directed to climate emergency projects. The program aims to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of the Scottish university sector and Salix is ​​seeking proposals that showcase innovation and sustainability.

Salix is ​​available to support project development and will contact each institution directly to discuss potential opportunities to apply for funding. The application form will be released in November with tips on how to apply.

In the meantime you can visit for more information or to speak to a member of the Scottish team, please email [email protected]

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