Rhode Island man who faked his death allegedly attacked four local women over a period of a year


A man accused of faking his own death to avoid jail once got mad at a crying child and on another occasion forced a woman to pay him back for dinner after refusing his sexual advances, according to a report.

Nicholas Alahverdian, 34, rose to international prominence after it was revealed last month that he had faked his own death in 2020 to escape sex and fraud charges. He took on a false identity in Scotland, but his cover was broken after he was hospitalized with a life-threatening case of Covid and he was arrested by Interpol, only to be released on bail weeks later.

He was arrested again on Thursday for missing an extradition hearing as new allegations about his troubling personal life came to light.

A woman told Pawtucket police that Alahverdian became “enraged” after scolding her advances after a dinner party, according to police reports obtained by the Providence Journal.

As they met at her flat later that night, he became ‘enraged’ after she rejected his advances and demanded compensation for the meal they shared.

After taking her phone, he drove her to a nearby ATM and asked her to withdraw $200. She acquiesced because “she felt she had no choice but to give him the money, for fear of further violence,” the report said.

The night got stranger for the woman when Alahverdian ordered her to sign an agreement – as he recorded a video – which said ‘she could not sue and that the money she had given him was for him therapy due to his violent actions and sexual addiction.’

Nicholas Alahverdian, pictured in 2011, was arrested for an alleged sexual assault after he faked his death from cancer and fled the US to Scotland

Another accuser told police in July 2010 that Alahverdian lured her to his apartment on the pretext that she would be going to his art studio. Instead, she told cops, he took her phone and pressured her to have sex.

When she refused his advances, he said that “if she left he would kill himself by stabbing himself in the chest with a knife,” the Journal reported. Alahverdian was taken to hospital for a psychiatric evaluation.

Police returned to his apartment in November on a tip and said they encountered an “extremely upset” woman with injuries to both eyes.

Suspected con artist Nicholas Alahverdian, also known as Nicholas Rossi, is a registered sex offender. He was convicted of two sex-related crimes in 2008. His picture from the sex offender registry is shown

The woman told cops Alahverdian got angry after their guests’ child started crying earlier that night, which led to a heated argument.

Alahverdian “grabbed her and threw her to the ground and held her down” and “slapped her across the face,” the outlet reported.

He resisted arrest, prompting police to physically transport him out of the apartment and into the patrol car, where he repeatedly banged his head against the metal bars while shouting “very loudly”.

He was sprayed with pepper spray by the police who arrested him in an attempt to stop him from self-harming.

An arrest warrant was issued for Alahverdian in 2011 for breaching a restraining order obtained by his then-wife.

DailyMail.com requested copies of arrest reports from Pawtucket Police. It is unclear whether Alahverdian has been convicted or served time in prison for the allegations.

He went on the run in 2020 after police began closing in on him over other allegations of fraud and sex crimes. In an attempt to reduce the heat, he wrote and published his own obituary which said he died of cancer and his ashes were scattered at sea.

An accuser told police that Alahverdian took the dinner tab on a date, but demanded to be reimbursed $200 after refusing his advances.

He faked his own death in 2000 and fled the country to escape allegations of sex and cheating, and went so far as to write and publish his own obituary.

He is being extradited to the United States to face a rape charge in Utah after he allegedly assaulted an ex-girlfriend in 2008.

Police believe he may be responsible for similar attacks in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Utah and Ohio.

Also in 2008, he was convicted in Dayton, Ohio of public indecency and sexual imposition; Alahverdian claimed in a civil lawsuit in 2013 that the charges stemmed from accusations that he masturbated in a hallway at Sinclair Community College.

This saw him end up on the Ohio Sex Offender Registry, where his mugshot remains to this day.

This map shows the trail of alleged havoc and criminal behavior committed by Nicholas Alahverdian across the United States

He is suspected of several other sexual assaults and was also charged with $200,000 fraud after taking out credit cards and loans in the name of his foster mother’s husband in Ohio, the allegations allege .

Alahverdian divorced his second wife in 2017 after less than two years of marriage and also owes her $52,000. His two ex-spouses took out restraining orders against him after their marriage ended.

Years before the story made for Hollywood was set, Alahverdian was a Rhode Island political activist who claimed to have been victimized by the foster system and called for changes to state law. .

His story of a man with a haunted past – who overcame adversity to become a Harvard-educated political scientist – amazed the circles he moved in, with several lawmakers taking pity on him.

Alahverdian is suspected of multiple sexual assaults and has been charged with $200,000 fraud after taking out credit cards and loans in the name of his adoptive mother’s husband in Ohio, it is alleged

He was so cunning that as a young teenager he nearly convinced a state official to adopt him.

Former State Representative Brian Coogan, 51, previously told DailyMail.com that he met and was charmed by Alahverdian in 2000, when he worked as a politician and Alahverdian volunteered as a as an errand boy at the State House.

Coogan told DailyMail.com he was initially in love with the troubled teenager – who claimed to have been sexually and physically victimized in foster care – and decided to give him a permanent family after Alahverdian ‘told me’ begged to adopt her” shortly after they met.

On the day he was in court to begin adoption proceedings, Coogan said he heard Alahverdian threaten a social worker, saying, “I’ll tell them you abused me, hit me.”

A judge later dissuaded Coogan and his wife, warning that he was “manipulative” and prone to stealing people’s identities.

The charge on which Alahverdian is awaiting extradition relates to the rape of a woman in Orem, Utah, whom he befriended on MySpace in 2008 and later attacked, the county prosecutor said. Utah, David Leavitt, to DailyMail.com.

Criminal past of Nicholas Alahverdian

date unknown: Failure to register as a sex offender in Rhode Island. Accused of a separate attack which allegedly saw him kidnap and sexually assault a woman

date unknown: Charged with similar kidnapping and attempted sexual assault in Massachusetts

2008: Convicted of sexual assault in Ohio after ‘encounter’ with classmate at Sinclair Community College in Dayton. In September 2008, he allegedly raped an ex-girlfriend in Orem, Utah – the allegation that led to his arrest in December 2021.

November 2010: Arrested for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend in his Rhode Island apartment after they argued over a guest’s crying child

December 2010: A woman called police to report she had gone to a dinner party with Alahverdian who turned sour after she rebuffed his advances. He ordered her to give him $200 and took his phone away

April 2011: An arrest warrant has been issued for Alahverdian for breaching a restraining order obtained by his then-wife

2017: Fraud in Ohio. A former foster mother in the same state has accused Alahverdian of a $200,000 scam that allegedly saw her take out fake credit cards and loans in her husband’s name

February 2020: Fakes his own death from lymphoma, with unnamed ‘widow’ claiming Alahverdian was buried at sea. July DNA links him to 2008 sex assault in Orem, Utah – l accusation that ultimately led to its discovery in Scotland

December 2021: Arrested in hospital in Glasgow, Scotland while intubated with COVID on suspicion of sexual assault in Utah

January 2022: Ready for extradition to the United States, where Alahverdian is almost certain to face new fraud charges for faking his own death in February 2020


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