Northern MSP ‘frustrated’ by lack of registered companies to carry out energy efficiency upgrades in Highlands and Islands


THE lack of registered companies to carry out energy efficiency upgrades to homes in the Highlands and Islands is “frustrating for MSP, Rhoda Grant.

She raised the issue with the Scottish Government after a complaint from a voter who was shocked to learn that there is such a shortage of installers for key areas of work in the north, while those in outside the region do not wish to work in the Highlands. The person claimed there was “a huge gap in the supply chain”.

“This means households in the Highlands are excluded from the £ 15,000 loan aid (with up to £ 5,000 in cash back) to insulate our homes, while households in all other parts of Scotland can access this help, ”he said.

Home Energy Scotland, which highlights energy efficiency improvements in heating and insulation and can provide loans, told Ms Grant that finding a certified installer in the Highlands and Islands could be “very difficult “.

North MSP Rhoda Grant is frustrated with the lack of companies registered to implement energy efficiency programs in the Highlands and Islands.

The MSP stressed that households can appeal to the Scottish Government to use a non-Green Deal installer, but stressed that the granting of an exemption cannot be guaranteed.

“Homeowners in the area are more in need of green energy upgrades because of the colder weather and, in some towns and cities, the age of their homes. So I am exasperated by these government programs that encourage people to ask for help, because most of the time the Highlands and the Islands are forgotten. “

Patrick Harvie, Scottish government minister for zero carbon buildings and co-leader of the Scottish Greens, admitted there was a shortage of registered installers in the Highlands and Islands.

“We continue to work with industry jurisdictions, trade bodies and other key stakeholders to enable businesses to develop the skills required for energy efficiency. More information on this work will be released in 2022. In situations where applicants for Home Energy Scotland Loans have difficulty finding a registered installer, we continue to monitor this situation. “

Mr Harvie pointed out that unregistered installers could be hired by households, in exceptional circumstances, through an appeal process, but this would be on a case-by-case basis.

Ms Grant said: “This is just another example of ministers almost forgetting the region and it’s so, so frustrating. Wait until 2022 for more information on how we can hone our own. labor force is so boring for those who wish to upgrade.

“Saving the environment is making headlines with COP26, but once again there are more obstacles in the way of those who are trying to be greener,” she added.

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