Nicola Sturgeon’s comments on menopause welcome, but women need more support – Annie Brown


Our Prime Minister joined a growing list of high profile women who spoke about the unspeakable – menopause.

Nicola Sturgeon admits she felt uncomfortable discussing the subject on The Shift – a podcast by journalist Sam Baker aimed at the over-40s – but has helped so many women by spreading her views.

She said: “I’m so out of my comfort zone in terms of an intensely personal nature and it tells me – no matter how far we’ve come in this discussion – that we have a long way to go if someone like me, I I still feel a little uncomfortable with that.

She also admitted that if she spoke openly about the symptoms, she feared opposition politicians and the media would exploit her as a perceived weakness.

Nicola Sturgeon and her husband Peter Murrell have no children

It’s not paranoia in a sexist society where women are devalued with age, not only by men but also by other women.

Women recognize that by admitting they have unmentionable menopause, they have just slapped an expiration date on their forehead.

I recently read an article by a journalist who talked about the fact that at Sturgeon’s age she must be thinking about quitting politics.

She’s 51, for God’s sake, not an old Inuit whose time has come to be thrown on an ice float to die.

Alex Salmond is nearly 70, but of all the criticism he’s faced in recent years, being too old for politics isn’t one of them.

Many women experience menopausal symptoms in their early 40s, but think that if they dared to admit it, they’d be written off as some kind of faulty egg dispenser.

Some are plunged into early menopause thanks to chemotherapy drugs that can damage the ovaries.

A friend with breast cancer was thrust into menopause by her treatment and suffered a sudden onslaught of the most debilitating symptoms, from insomnia to crippling anxiety.

Doctors may ignore problems caused by menopause
Doctors may ignore problems caused by menopause

Along with the lumpectomies, chemo, radiation, and losing his hair, it was a pile of shit piled on top of a mountain of shit.

Yet when she sought help from her oncologist, she was told to try acupuncture.

Too often, cancer survivors are made to believe that they should be so grateful to be alive that the quality of their life is

Like so many women, my friend turned to a private clinic, where her concerns were taken seriously and she was prescribed hormone therapy, including testosterone, to combat hot flashes, sleep problems, irritability and fatigue.

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Until Davina McCall and her anti-taboo documentary Sex, Myths and the Menopause on Channel 4, I had no idea the importance of a hormone testosterone for women and the negative impact its depletion has on women. ‘age.

Davina also debunked the myth that HRT carries a high risk of causing breast cancer, a lie we’ve all bought into based on discredited science.

She deserves accolades for giving so many menopausal women the chance to get their lives back, but it shouldn’t have taken a TV presenter to do what is the job of the medical profession.

The majority of doctors woefully ignore menopause and throw women antidepressants or the cheapest and least effective HRT treatments on the market.

This means the less wealthy remain uninformed and helpless, languishing on antidepressants that can exacerbate symptoms, including low libido.

This is where Sturgeon needs to do more to speed up the Scottish Government’s Women’s Health Plan proposals promising to expand access to specialist menopause services.

Unions such as Unite have written articles calling menopause a “problem in the workplace” and West Lothian Council has introduced a menopause policy for staff which includes an assistance programme.

Women need to stop taking a stoic approach to menopause and demand better, not just for themselves, but for generations to come.

Exploitative hotel owners served

Brewdog has come under pressure over its work culture
Brewdog has come under pressure over its work culture

For two years, we’ve listened to millionaire restaurant and bar owners plead poverty in the pandemic.

Despite large grants, loans and furloughs, they presented themselves as the most affected by Covid.

As small businesses went bankrupt, the wealthy were propped up with public money when they should have been forced to dip into their own coffers.

And always the mantra has been that they speak out because they desperately want to keep their employees in a job.

This is a brand new beer club that we have created with the aim of making our readers’ beer drinking dreams come true. Subscribe online here and you will receive:

Please note that this is likely a minimum wage job with a zero hour contract with few breaks and largely hellish conditions.

The Unite union has listed almost 70 areas of grievance against trendy bars run by MacMerry 300 in Glasgow and Dundee.

And £2billion company BrewDog has had to apologize after facing a grievance from its staff and facing a host of new allegations.

Unite has been at the forefront of the fight against abusive labor practices in the hospitality industry and as many employees as possible should join its ranks.

Now that hospitality is opening up again – thanks to a lot of public money – we should all be demanding more for industry staff.

Kanye watches the work plumb

Kanye West stepped out in a bizarre outfit this week
Kanye West stepped out in a bizarre outfit this week

The entertainer formerly known as Kanye West did his best to be incognito.

Not one to draw attention to himself, he dressed up like the guy you call to fix an overflowing bog and ended up looking like the plumber who ends up in bad porn.

His latest push, Julia Fox, denied she was dating him for the money and fame.

Which begs the question, what other reason could there be?

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