Latest coronavirus: pandemic pushes drug overdose deaths in the United States to record in 2020


Pop star Olivia Rodrigo goes meet President Joe Biden and Chief Medical Advisor Anthony Fauci at the White House Wednesday as part of the administration’s efforts to promote vaccination against Covid-19 among young people. Rodrigo, singer and actor, will also record videos on the importance of vaccination for young people.

Qatar will allow fully vaccinated travelers to enter the Gulf state without needing quarantine as he steps up his tourism plans ahead of next year’s FIFA World Cup. A new set of measures would make the visit to Qatar “as easy as possible” while maintaining coronavirus precautions, the government said on Tuesday.

More than 1.7 million people in France have booked to receive the Covid-19 vaccine since President Emmanuel Macron announced on Monday evening that access to cafes, restaurants and other places would be restricted to those who have “health passports”. Before midnight, more than 900,000 vaccination reservations were made, while 800,000 other people made a reservation during the day of Tuesday, according to the medical appointment site Doctolib.

The threat that restaurants and other places will only be accessible to people with “health passports” has led to an increase in vaccination appointments in France © Bloomberg

Rich countries pay more for rare doses of Covid-19 vaccine, worsen the inequitable distribution of jabs, according to the head of the World Trade Organization. Covax, the United Nations-backed program that aims to deliver Covid-19 vaccines to developing countries, was struggling to do so due to the supply shortage, the WTO director general said on Tuesday. , Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala.

The UK vaccination campaign is showing signs of slowing ahead of planned lifting of coronavirus restrictions in England next week. The government estimates that 87 percent of the adult population (45 million people) have received at least one dose, with two-thirds (34 million) having completed their immunization schedule.

South Africa will temporarily close vaccination sites due to the risk of violence, the Ministry of Health announced on Tuesday, as the country’s deployment collapsed under the worst looting and riots in decades. Some sites would close as a “precautionary principle” if damaged or in areas affected by violence, which swept through Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal, two of South Africa’s most populous provinces, said the Ministry.

A suspected looter is held in a shopping center in Johannesburg’s Soweto township © AFP via Getty Images

Small businesses in America are struggling to find workers, and many plans to increase wages with the aim of increasing the workforce as the economy recovers. Some 46 percent of small business owners said in June they had vacancies they couldn’t fill, well above the historic average of 22 percent, according to a monthly survey of members of the National Federation of Independent Businesses.

Scotland is at delay a return to the office and workplaces due to concerns over the high number of coronavirus cases, but will continue easing other restrictions next week, Premier Nicola Sturgeon said. In a statement to the Scottish Parliament ahead of Scotland’s move to the lowest ‘zero level’ restrictions on July 19, Sturgeon made it clear that his decentralized government would take a more cautious approach than that taken by the UK government for the England.

Covid-related absences from English schools have reached an all-time high, as a growing number of of students have come into contact with suspected coronavirus cases. The Education Ministry said on Tuesday that the pandemic-related student absence from public schools is increasing and is at its highest rate since schools reopened in March 2021.


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