‘It could be the death knell for Burnley FC’ – your view


We asked for your advice after Burnley’s relegation from the Premier League was confirmed on Sunday.

Here are some of your comments:

Natasha: Alan Pace is what was wrong with Burnley. Who buys a club they can’t afford, takes out loans while waiting for a second payment? Half the team is injured, the other half at the end of the contract. As for a manager – we have no chance of having anyone with anything about him. This could spell the end of Burnley FC.

Andy: It’s not an unexpected end to the season and it’s definitely time for a change in tactics and personnel. The big worry is the financial situation and the uncertainty as to what effect this will have on the recruitment of the new management team and playing staff. We need information on the club’s plans and what the ambitions are realistic?

To mark: If we can keep the core of the team, we will bounce back next season. But we need a manager who knows the league, how Burnley is part of the community and the ethos of the club.

Happy Moose: Unfortunately for Burnley, the next steps will be guided by the business side of football, not the game itself. Without a manager, with key players’ contracts at the end of their lives and struggling with the burden of debt, the club will have to cut their fabric accordingly if they are to avoid the ignominy of the administration. It will take time. The club will not “bounce back”.

Bob: Let’s be honest, we’ve been disappointing all season! No wonder we got relegated. Many thanks to Sean Dyche but it’s time to make some changes. Many of our players just haven’t been good enough. I just hope the new management isn’t afraid to shake up our club.


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