How Scotland’s EuroMillions winners changed years after hitting the jackpot


WINNING EuroMillions is a life changing experience.

Previous winners have indulged in new homes, luxury vacations and flash cars after hitting the jackpot – which currently stands at £ 93million.


Alicia Harper won £ 1million last monthCredit: Michal Wachucik

Earlier this month, Scottish key worker couple Paul and Louise Drake landed a life-changing £ 5.1million jackpot.

And last month, mum-to-be Alicia Harper won the £ 1million Millionaire Maker – toasting her luck with a bottle of Irn-Bru.

But what happened to Scotland’s other EuroMillions and National Lottery winners? Where are they now?

Jeanne Park


Jane Park, from Edinburgh, was just 17 when she won a £ 1million prize, making her the youngest UK EuroMillions winner at the time.

Since the socialite, now 25, collected the money in 2013, she has had a number of cosmetic surgeries.

She opened up about her horror of butt lifting in 2018, admitting that she feared she might die after having a severe reaction to the anesthetic used during an operation in Turkey.

But she has since thanked a surgeon for giving her a “dream body” after doing the butt lift again.

It wasn’t all easy for Jane, who struggled with her love life.

She has reportedly already offered £ 60,000 a year to a lucky man to date her.

After talking about how she sometimes felt like winning the lottery had ‘ruined’ her life, the 25-year-old said Camelot shouldn’t allow people her age to win large sums of money. .

She recently shared a throwback photo before hitting the jackpot and looked almost unrecognizable.

Adrian and Gillian Bayford



The Dundee couple won £ 148million in 2012 – but the couple were quickly divorced 15 months later.

Adrian and Gillian have been busy since their split.

In 2018, Adrian announced his intention to sell his massive £ 8million mansion, which he said was making him ‘miserable’.

The now 50-year-old, who was a postie, also sold all of his animals and confirmed plans to shut down his two beloved record stores.

Although he was lucky in his earnings, Adrian was unlucky in love.

He has now sold the mansion – where it has been dumped four times – at a loss, getting just £ 6.5million for it.

He has now bought a £ 2.5million house near Blairgowrie, Perthshire, to be closer to his children and Gillian.

Meanwhile, Gillian, who ended her marriage to Adrian to be with a car salesman, opened a hair salon with her best friend Julie Cameron, whom she helped buy a £ 500,000 house.

The friendship quickly became difficult when Gillian discovered that Julie had left her pets with a tenant in one of the land leased by the tycoon.

Julie has since claimed that she was forced to close her doors.

Gillian also asked to be excused from court because she was too busy to appear in the dock – despite facing trial on charges of assaulting ex-boyfriend Gavin Innes.

The 48-year-old recently gave birth to a baby in lockdown last year with her husband Brian Deans.

Michel carroll


In 2002, Michael Carrol won £ 9.7million while wearing an electronic tag for Drunkenness and Disorder.

The self-proclaimed “King of Chavs” spent all his money on naked waitresses and cocaine.

After buying a mansion in Norfolk, it became a place for wild sex parties which he called “Roman orgies”.

He also boasted of having laid 4,000 women to bed.

After blowing up his earnings, the Rangers thug currently lives in Elgin.

He is now chopping logs and delivering charcoal for £ 10 an hour.

Colin and Christine Weir

Colin and Christine Weir won £ 161million


Colin and Christine Weir won £ 161millionCredit: Alamy

In 2011, husband and wife Colin and Christine Weir won the incredible £ 161million Euromillions jackpot.

They became Scotland’s biggest lottery winners at the time.

But after 40 years of marriage, the couple announced their plans to divorce in 2019.

At that time, it was understood that they had been living apart for a year.

Their friends said it was an “open secret” that they broke up in the years following their lottery success.

Colin, who was a former cameraman, shared some of his immense fortune with his two children with Christine – Carly, 32, and Jamie, 30.

He also shared money with his friends and charitable trusts after buying jewelry, cars, and property.

One of the most iconic things he has done, however, was to inject a huge sum of money into his favorite football club, Partick Thistle, by purchasing a whopping 55% stake.

Colin sadly passed away on December 27, 2019, after years of ill health.

John roberts

John Roberts of Edinburgh won £ 3.1million in 1998.

But just three years later, the security guard was penniless.

He spent all his money on luxury cars, homes and vacations.

He also put a lot of money into a series of unsuccessful investments.

John is now rumored to live on handouts from friends and family after his marriage fell apart.

John McGuiness

John McGuiness won £ 10million in the lotto in 1997.

At the time, he was earning £ 150 a week as a hospital porter and living with his parents in their town hall.

He gave £ 3million to his family as well as £ 750,000 to his ex-wife.

He also bought flashy cars and spent the money on luxury vacations.

It wasn’t until he invested in his lifelong favorite football team that things started to go wrong.

John injected £ 4million into the Livingston Football Club, which then took office.

Because he used his fortune as collateral against the club’s loans, he was responsible for all of their debts.

He is now rumored to be living as a virtual recluse and struggling to pay for his food.

EuroMillions winner Jane Park thanks plastic surgeon for ‘giving her dream body’

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