How rich is Roman Abramovich and where does his money come from?


Roman Abramovich yesterday announced his intention to sell Chelsea Football Club.

In a statement on Chelsea’s website, the Russian oligarch said he had made the ‘incredibly difficult decision’ which ‘is hurting him’.

In the statement, he also said he would not be asking for “any loan repayments” and said the net proceeds from the sale would be donated to all war victims in Ukraine after Russia invaded.

Chelsea’s loans are around £1.5billion and the club are said to be on sale for between two and three billion, so there aren’t many people in the world rich enough to write off that sum. money.

According to Forbes, Russian-born Abramovich owns shares in steel giant Evraz, Norilsk Nickel and the vast majority of shares in Chelsea Football Club.

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Abramovich was born a penniless orphan in Saratov, in southwestern Russia. He was raised by his grandparents in Komi, Siberia, from the age of four.

He reportedly started making money selling plastic dolls at a market stall, but made millions during the collapse of the Soviet Union, buying and then reselling businesses previously owned by the Soviet Union. State.

He was involved in buying the Russian oil company Sibneft and then selling it off for an exorbitant profit.

Previously, he also owned shares in Russian airline Aeroflot which he sold.

The Roman Abramovich yacht, the Eclipse, is 533 feet long, features two helipads, two swimming pools, a disco hall and 24 guest cabins.

He is the second largest shareholder in Evraz, Russia’s second largest steelmaker, according to Bloomberg.

His estimated net worth is valued at 9.27 billion pounds or 12.4 billion US dollars.

Abramovich is number 142 on the Forbes Billionaire list, he owns the second largest yacht in the world at 533 feet. The Eclipse was purchased for nearly $400 million in 2010.


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