Holyrood week: what Glasgow MPs did in Parliament


In our weekly roundup of what Glasgow MSPs have been involved with at Holyrood, we cover issues such as covid regulation, SQA removal, housing, and a members’ debate on MND.

On Tuesday at Topical Questions, Pauline McNeill, Labor MSP, asked about the reduction in the number of women in remand, noting that one in four was in remand and many were not guilty or not sentenced to jail time.

PSM have responded to the Prime Minister’s latest covid update.

John Mason, Shettleston SNP MSP. asked when people could sing in church again. Nicola Sturgeon said it will be at level one, which could be mid-July.

Bob Doris, Maryhill and Springburn SNP MSP, asked about the importance of people getting vaccinated to prevent further outbreaks and blockages.

Glasgow Timetables:

Following a statement by Education Secretary Shirley-Anne Somerville on removing the SQA, SNP Kelvin MSP, Kaukab Stewart, asked how the views and experience of teachers would be included.

Bob Doris asked if there would be more emphasis on continuous assessment and less on a high stakes ad hoc review in a new system.

MSPs debated extending emergency covid laws for three days in Holyrood.

Pam Duncan-Glancy, Labor MSP wanted reassurance that people with disabilities would be directly involved in a consultation on a tenure bill. Deputy Prime Minister John Swinney agreed.

Glasgow Timetables:

She also called for the ban on evictions to cover all levels of covid restrictions and for a public inquiry to be held as soon as possible for a full review of the decision making.

John Mason again raised the issue of laws affecting churches and said, “The state must be careful not to interfere with churches or, for that matter, any religion.

Annie Wells, Conservative MP, said there was not enough time to debate the emergency bill. She said: “The bill is rushed in at an incredibly short time.”

Glasgow Timetables:

Pauline McNeill noted the impact on musicians.

She said: “I speak on behalf of thousands of musicians, solo artists and groups from various sectors who feel forgotten. Their livelihoods have been lost and their mental health is in sharp decline. ”

Patrick Harvie, Green MSP, welcomed the shift from loans to grants to help settle rent arrears.

He said: “It has been suggested that people facing the prospect of losing their jobs in the next few months would be willing to take on debt for the sake of their owners, but that clearly wouldn’t work.”

Bob Doris chaired a member’s debate on the celebration of the 40th anniversary of MND Scotland.

During questions on education on Wednesday, Paul Sweeney, Labor MSP, called on the government to “remove pre-moderation, allow teachers to professionally determine grades without constraints and introduce an appeals process without prejudice. “.

The education secretary said it was against what the teachers had asked for.

Pam Duncan Glancy, responded to a statement on child poverty and called for a minimum income guarantee to help “people in single parent families, people of color and families that include people with disabilities.”

During questions from Prime Minister Anas Sarwar on Thursday, the Glasgow MSP and the Scottish Labor leader expressed companies’ frustration at the restrictions.

Glasgow Timetables:

He said: “Will the Prime Minister change his approach, engage them and listen to them and take a dynamic approach for this new stage of our response to the pandemic?”

Nicola Sturgeon replied, “What I’m going to do is avoid easy slogans like ‘the possible approach’. It is really important that we continue to move forward with caution. ”

Glasgow Timetables:

John Mason asked the Prime Minister if food and drink exports to the EU down 47% meant Scotland should have a choice of independence. She has accepted.

Pauline McNeill asked if the Prime Minister would speak to McVitie owners about the Tollcross plant shutdown.

Annie Wells asked how long it would take for a review of cervical cancer records after it was revealed that tests had been missed and a woman had died.


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