Health care in Wrexham is deteriorating, says Sarah Atherton


The MP for Wrexham highlighted some of the worrying incidents residents of Wrexham have faced when trying to access healthcare in the area.

Sarah Atherton is inundated with complaints from voters, receiving a new one every day.

The main themes the MP for Wrexham sees are people struggling to access healthcare, delays in appointments and patients being forced to go privately at huge costs.

Ms Atherton said she appreciated how hard the Maelor staff worked, but felt let down by failing systems.

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Ms Atherton added that her constituents said the problem was access to health care, not the care itself, which is seen as good.

Some of the examples Ms Atherton has been told about in recent weeks include:

  • A father has been waiting over two years for hip surgery – the family have now taken out a £13,000 loan to have it done privately.
  • Constituent ordered to visit A&E in Maelor by GP. Finally saw a doctor after 11am.
  • The husband struggled to get a doctor’s appointment after a series of headaches. Eventually I got an appointment after three weeks and have now been diagnosed with a brain tumour. I think if the husband had originally been given an appointment, they would have had three weeks in advance to process him.
  • Elderly father in a nursing home, transferred to hospital with an infection and waited in the back of an ambulance for 12 hours before being admitted.

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Sharing her thoughts on the NHS being ‘disappointed’, Ms Atherton said: ‘The UK Government has given the Welsh Government a record amount of funding, and despite this access to decent healthcare in Wrexham and North Wales is getting worse.

“The £1 billion announced a few weeks ago by the Welsh Government seems relatively insignificant compared to the additional £2.5 billion a year for the next three years, plus £700 million a year by 2024 /25 as part of the UK Government‘s Health and Social Care Levy.

“The Welsh Government is failing my constituents, their patients and our hardworking NHS staff.”

A Welsh Government spokesperson said: ‘We continue to invest in our NHS and social care to help services recover from the pandemic and improve access to healthcare across Wales. .

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“We will be investing nearly £1.3 billion more in the Welsh NHS during this Senedd term and another £100 million for mental health services. And this year alone, we are providing over £250m more to social services to push forward wider reforms to the welfare sector and put it on a long-term sustainable footing.

“The latest figures show Wales spending £155 more per person (4% more) on health and social services than England.”


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