Government touts UK units after loan extension


(CNS): Governor Martyn Roper encouraged Caymanian students to apply to UK universities, announcing that students from Overseas Territories planning to study in England in the 2022-2023 academic year will be eligible for tuition loans. This loan offer does not appear to apply to college students in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.

Caymanian students studying in the UK already get the same fees as UK students for their tuition, which is much lower than international student fees, but they will now also be able to apply for a loan to help them pay for these fees. . if they attend university in England.

“This decision makes it even more attractive for Caymanians to continue their studies at one of England’s leading universities and in doing so strengthens the UK’s ties with the Caymans,” said Roper.

“There are currently 300 Caymanian students in the UK. Now that the UK has made tuition loans available to students in the Overseas Territories starting in the 22/23 academic year, I hope there will be many more. This policy demonstrates the UK’s commitment to supporting students in the British Overseas Territories and will help even more people study at an academic institution in England.

Local students studying abroad who meet the criteria are eligible to receive government scholarships of up to CI $ 30,000 per year. For students studying at UK universities, the tuition fee is capped at £ 9,250, as for UK students residing in the UK, which works out to around CI $ 10,663.

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