FirstFT: US banks enter earnings season ahead of loan growth


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US Banks Credit Activity Outlook This week, they report their second quarter profits flattened by fewer credit losses than expected during the pandemic.

Analysts’ forecasts compiled by FactSet show that the average quarterly earnings per share of the six largest banks in the United States are expected to increase 116% year-on-year.

However, many of the improvements reflect the expected release of billions of dollars in reserves that lenders have set aside to cover potential credit losses. Income is expected to fall 5% due to slowing capital market activity and weak demand for loans, according to FactSet.

JP Morgan and Goldman will start their earnings season on Tuesday, followed by BofA on Wednesday, Citi and Wells and Morgan Stanley on Thursday.

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  • Delta variants spread rapidly Economists worried European Bright economic prospects can be jeopardized.

  • Boris Johnson to announce most of his Covid-19 lockdown limits later today England Despite concerns over an increase in the number of new cases, it will be relaxed on July 19. Scotland, Wales And North Ireland Meanwhile, take a more cautious approach.

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FirstFT: US banks enter earnings season ahead of loan growth

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