Extraordinary support for SMEs: why Growth Lending is #NoOrdinaryLender


The economic turmoil of the past 18 months has created a unique environment for UK SMEs. For some, it has been a difficult time, with management teams having to adapt quickly and adapt to new services and markets. For others, the pandemic has presented an opportunity for growth, allowing businesses to grow significantly, gain new customers, and even execute ambitious acquisition strategies.

Whatever the fortunes of companies, successful companies share one common characteristic: being able to access the appropriate funds to support their projects.

Funding is the key to growth

It’s no surprise that Growth Lending, as an alternative lender, is a strong advocate for management teams with strong financing plans in place, but it is the company’s approach to providing this financing that is what sets it apart. is worth the title No Ordinary Lender.

Tailored service and dedicated relationship managers who eliminate messy reconciliation processes are just the start. The knowledge and expertise of the Growth Lending team gives the business the confidence to lend where others won’t, often providing liquidity earlier in a business lifecycle than traditional banks.

Extraordinary Growth Requires Extraordinary Approach

Growth Lending also understands the variety of options available to businesses when planning their growth strategies. That’s why it gives organizations the flexibility to choose and use its products as they see fit, whether it’s financing acquisitions by leveraging receivables, stocks and P&M as part of a revolving credit facility or to raise funds to expand into new markets by paying off individual debtors. in a selective invoice financing facility.

The company even funds multiple currencies, such as the British Pound, Euro, and US Dollar, and will support international businesses in the UK, Ireland, Singapore, and the US.

Not being an ordinary lender is removing the barriers that businesses face when trying to access finance, to ensure that successful businesses with ambitious growth goals are not abandoned by a lack of funding. capital. This is what sets Growth Lending apart.


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