Auf wiedersehen, Angie – or should that be good riddance?


Do you ever feel like you’ve slipped through an enchanted mirror into an alternate reality in which nothing makes sense?

there was an embarrassing suspicion about it last week over hearing former taoiseach Enda Kenny praise Angela Merkel – who once spotted him as a possible candidate for the presidency of the European Commission – as the one who “among all the others (EU) leaders understood what was really important from an Irish point of view and I supported it ”.

Is he referring to the same Angela Merkel who opposed imposing € 64 billion debt on Ireland to protect German banks from the consequences of their own reckless lending? The same Angela Merkel who, in 2012, ruled out debt reduction, saying through a spokesperson that she “didn’t see the need” and that it would send the “wrong signal”? This Angela Merkel?


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