Car loan

Although today public transport can be an adequate means of transport for some people, the truth is that many Spaniards still depend on their vehicle to go to work or simply have greater freedom when moving around.

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Car loan

Finance your vehicle with a personalized car loan

If you need to buy your first car or are thinking of changing the one you have, you can comfortably finance it according to your needs with an online car loan.

The best online credit companies (regulated by the Bank of Spain) offer different options with comfortable monthly installments that can reach up to 96 months without having to pay your loan online during the first 6 months. Next we are going to show you information that you must take into account to find the financial product that allows you to buy your new or used car quickly and reliably and with the conditions that you really need.

Car loan to buy at a dealer or private

With a personal vehicle loan you can buy and finance a new or second-hand car in easy installments. The type of vehicle (minivan, 4x4, utility vehicle, etc.) will not be a problem since with flexible credits of up to 8 years you can access the money you need and complete the application online and in just a few minutes.

Remember that if you are going to release your car it is very important that you take out insurance to protect your investment and this possibility is also available on the website of the best car loan companies (optional). You will be able to select in a few clicks the coverage you need such as: all risk, third parties with windows, extended third parties, with or without excess, etc.

Use a car loan simulator

Having so many options to apply for a personal loan is a great advantage. However, you need to know how to choose the company that best suits your specific personal situation. For this you can use a car loan comparator in which you will only have to include certain basic data so that the software program begins to cross data and can offer you the loan companies that adapt to your expectations.

The use of a car loan simulator does not imply the signing of any contract, it is simply an online tool that offers you useful information about each company (such as annual nominal interest rate, APR, opening commission, monthly fee, etc.) so you can choose the best financial product.

How to request a car loan online

Once you select the online personal loan company that suits you best, you will have to fill out a simple online form and for them to fully evaluate your case, send certain documents that may include the last income statement (IRPF), the last receipts of previous loans received (if applicable), identity document (DNI, NIE, passport), last payroll or annual VAT summary (self-employed) and bank statement of the last quarter with expenses and income.

Keep in mind that to apply for this financial product you must be of legal age and that some companies may restrict car loans for those over 60 years of age. A response is usually offered in less than 24 hours for fast financing. Remember that the most flexible companies do not require monthly fees for the first six months.

Frequent questions

  • Can I apply for a motorcycle loan?

Of course. These online credits can be used for any purpose, so if you prefer to finance a motorcycle you can do it with personal loans offered by the best online mini-loan companies in Spain.

  • Can I request a car loan online if I am in Asnef?

This option is possible with some loan companies. Being in a file of defaulters such as ASNEF, RAI or CCI should not be an impediment to buying the vehicle you need. So as long as you can show that you have a monthly income, such as a payroll or pension, you can request your loan for your new or used car.

  • How long does it take to receive a car loan?

One of the advantages of applying for a loan online is that the process is much faster than with a traditional bank since everything can be done through a computer or mobile phone. Therefore, if the requirements of the online mini-loan are met, the money can be received in less than 24 hours.

  • How much money can I ask for a car loan?

This type of personal loan is characterized by its flexibility, so if you meet the usual conditions of this online financial product, you can request up to 90,000 euros in comfortable monthly installments.

  • Can I request a loan for a used car?

Yes, but the age of the car will be a determining factor for your online mini-credit to be approved for this purpose. Loans are usually accepted for vehicles that are not older than 36 months.

  • Are these online loans safe?

As long as you select a loan company that operates under the requirements of the Bank of Spain, you can be sure that these financial products are not a scam. In addition, with some companies you can also be more calm when ensuring your quotas in case of unemployment, permanent or temporary disability or death.

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