Why don't they give me loans anywhere?

Sometimes it seems that the more we need to borrow money, the more difficult it is to get the necessary collateral to access a loan. You may have asked yourself why they don't give me loans anywhere? The truth is that this idea is not so far from reality, since some of the systems used by credit agencies to assess the viability of a loan take into account our past performance in terms of loans and payments, as well as our bank statements and our ownership of property, or a steady income steady job. When the system finds that these criteria are not fully met by our profile, then they deny us loans and we find ourselves in worse and worse conditions that lead us to bankruptcy.

Why don't they give me loans anywhere?

It is therefore necessary that you understand a little what it is about and how you could stop this streak of bad luck when applying for new loans . The first thing you should know is that most credit service provider agencies use a review tool to know if you are reported by credit history in some of the corresponding entities of such verification, such as ASNEF, RAI and CIRBE. These are lists in which users who have defaulted are reported, either because you have participated in a loan in the past that you forgot or that you definitely did not pay. You may have been reported to one of these lists at some point and many agencies will remove your loan application immediately.

Also, depending on the case and the agency, it is possible that age plays an indispensable role when approving or denying credit. Many entities establish a minimum age of 18 years, some establish a minimum of 21 years and others a minimum of 25. According to the target audience of each agency, they are prepared for certain ages and this has a decisive influence. In the same vein there is also, depending on the case, a maximum age when requesting a loan that is up to a maximum of 65 years for some entities, but it could be more in others.

Now, when it comes to paying the quick loan, it is essential that the credit agency has information about your ability to pay to carry out the loans effectively. Otherwise, I would be doing you harm instead of good, since that would have much more serious consequences. For that reason, minimum income is one of those requirements that some agencies take as a central pile, as well as maintaining some type of formal or at least stable employment. In some cases, it is even requested to have a certain work seniority in order to proceed with the rest of the requirements.

Finally, it is possible that in some cases, the reason why you have been denied some opportunities has to do with the fact that you have made some typing errors or technical errors that do not have to do with your life but with the forms or the availability of a mobile device. Many times when the company tries to contact users through their mobile phone they realize that it has been incorrectly registered or that the number of the bank account to which the money was supposed to be transferred is misspelled, for which leads nowhere and the loan is not approved. It is vitally important to keep an eye on these details when completing the forms online at all times.

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