Quick Credit

Life puts barriers in our way at the wrong time and by surprise, right? Sometimes we do not have the financial solvency that we would like and we find ourselves in trouble. In the past, many people went to traditional banking entities to request a loan, but today, thanks to new technologies, it is possible to request a quick credit online without paperwork.

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Your-Credit-Quick 0%

€ 50 - € 9,000
7 days - 60 months
  • Maturity 7 days - 60 months

Ask for credit 12.5%

€ 5,000 - € 300,000
12 - 120 months
  • Maturity 12 - 120 months
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Quick Credit

No matter why you need money, it can be to pay the university fee, to pay for your services to the mechanic or simply to have a better vacation. Whatever the reason, today you have online mini-loan companies that, in addition to adjusting to your needs, also comply with current regulations.

Quick Credit

Apply for a fast online loan or credit without paperwork

If you type in your browser "look for quick credit", in a matter of seconds several loan companies will appear on your screen offering their products. But what credit company has the lowest interest rates? Are management fees included? Can extensions be requested? And if I am on a delinquent base, can I request a loan? To solve these and other questions, our team of experts has designed this Quick Credits Guide 2019 that will undoubtedly help you make the best decision.

Instant online loans according to your needs

An unexpected event, like having to go to the dentist or an express home remodel, can happen at any time. That's why getting the money you need quickly is a priority for borrowers. Until a few years ago the only safe and reliable option available was to go to a bank. The problem was (and still is) that the requests dragged on for days and even weeks and the emergency might have had to be resolved using other resources.

But now you will no longer have to wait to receive the money you need because the best online loan companies offer flexible products from 300 euros; And best of all, you can receive the money in less than 24 hours.

Open your own business with an online mini-credit

If you are thinking of embarking on the adventure of being your own boss by opening your own business, now is an ideal time. The best online fast credit companies in Spain offer credits of up to 80,000 euros, money that will make your dream come true. Obviously the requirements change depending on the current situation of the applicant and the amount to be requested, but the process will be much faster and easier than with a traditional bank. That is, practically without paperwork and online. You can even request your mini-credit online from your mobile phone or tablet! Don't wait any longer, find out which company offers you the greatest advantages and show that you were born an entrepreneur.

Conditions of online credits

  • When speaking of companies regulated by Spanish regulations, all applicants must have Spanish nationality or be legal residents.
  • Only those over 18 can apply for this financial product.
  • On some occasions it is required to be over 21 years old and / or under 70 years old.
  • It is essential to have a bank account.
  • Extensions and cancellations prior to the payment date are possible, but some online loan companies may impose a commission for this management.
  • Interest will vary depending on the amount borrowed and the period of time to be repaid.
  • During the application process, certain documents will have to be sent to verify the identity of the borrower.
  • Most providers have customer service available via email, live chat and / or phone.

Being delinquent does not prevent you from applying for a quick loan

If you are in a database of defaulters like ASNAF, you can also request a fast mini-loan. It is true that they will take this information into account, but if you show that you have monthly income, such as your payroll, you can get your form accepted.

Online loan companies are aware of all the bureaucracy involved in being in a file of defaulters and they know perfectly well that on many occasions, although the previous situation is already solved, the individual remains for years on the list of defaulters with very few resources at their disposal. scope to solve the situation. That is why these online credit operators offer people who defaulted another opportunity.

Use a quick credit comparer

Don't you know where to start asking for your fast loan? Simply take advantage of the online mini-credit comparator or simulator. Choose the amount you want to request, include the number of months in which you will pay your loan and you will instantly know which companies fit your preferences (including the APR, TIN and the total amount to pay).

As simple as that. Of course, in order to know exactly their Terms and Conditions you will have to directly review the product that interests you the most.

Did you know that you can request a free fast loan?

It sounds like a scam, but it is not, as experts in this industry we can guarantee it. As this market is relatively new, some online loan companies offer a free first loan of up to 300 euros so that the user knows better the quality of their services for subsequent loans for higher amounts.

In this way, the client can know first-hand the professionalism of the operator and receive an amount of money that can help him solve his problem, while the company expands its portfolio of clients showing transparency.

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