Personal credit

The liberation of the financial sector in our country (always under the supervision of the Bank of Spain) has had immediate effects on how to request a personal loan.

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Personal credit

If until recently the process to request a loan involved long processes for all the papers that banks required, today this is something of the past thanks to the facilities offered by the best online microcredit companies.Personal credit

Request a personal credit online right now

It is no longer necessary to waste time in a branch and wait for a response for days or even weeks to receive the amount of money you need to solve an emergency such as expenses that are generated in the return to school, an unforeseen bill or exceed the infamous January cost. Now you can request a personal credit that fits your needs even from your mobile phone and tablet indicating the amount you need and the desired time to pay the amount borrowed.

Review in detail the conditions of your personal credit

There is a popular saying that all that glitters is not gold , is it? Well, let yourself be guided by popular wisdom and before accepting any online mini-credit that seems to have insurmountable conditions, carefully review the Terms and Conditions of the financial product before signing any contract.

First of all, verify that the monthly fee they impose on you is affordable and that you can adjust to it. Financial experts recommend that this fee does not exceed one third of the net monthly income received by the borrower; Thus, non-payment scenarios are avoided that, in addition to raising commissions, can even end up with the applicant in a delinquent file.

The APR usually ranges between 4% and 30% depending on the amount and the repayment period, so there are significant differences between online companies that offer personal loans. If you do not know how to find the best interests of a personal loan in Spain, do not miss the next section.

How to find the best credit online

According to the opinion of users who have already used this financial product, the fastest and easiest way to find a good personal credit online is by using a loan comparator or simulator. These tools are free and do not require any prior registration.

Simply access the simulator, indicate what you need the money for (if necessary), enter the amount you require, specify your monthly income (such as a pension, rent or payroll), explain what your employment situation is (as a civil servant, self-employed, unemployed , etc. if they request it), determine how long you will pay your mini-loan and instantly a list will appear with the personal credit companies that fit your needs.

Remember that the use of these tools does not involve any connection with the entities since the credit simulators only offer guidance information. When you click on the company that offers you the best conditions, a new screen will appear in which you will deal directly with the company to resolve any questions you have and send the documents that are needed to continue with your personal credit.

Aspects to consider

  • As the procedures are carried out online, the process is much faster and easier than with a bank branch and you can even receive a personal line of credit in less than 24 hours.
  • Each company imposes its own commissions (extensions, advance payment, management expenses, etc.). Review all these additional expenses to the interest rates so that you really know what the cost of your personal loan will be.
  • If you do not have Spanish nationality, do not reside legally in Spain or do not have a bank account in a bank in our country, you will not be able to access this financial product.
  • Normally, anyone of legal age can apply for a personal mini-loan, but some companies put restrictions on those under 21 and over 70.
  • Remember that to verify your identity you will have to send your ID, passport or legal residence card. Likewise, to evaluate your case and verify that you do not have a risk profile, they may require a bank statement with the movements (expenses and income) of the last months.

The security of a personal credit online

Requesting a personal loan online is as safe as doing it in a physical branch but with the great advantage that it is faster. Legal operators in our country (those that meet the requirements imposed by the Bank of Spain) use end-to-end encryption systems to guarantee the security of their customers. In addition, the companies with which they work to ensure this (such as Symantec or others similar) are detailed on their web pages.

Frequent questions

  • Is it true that there are free online loans?

Yes. The best personal credit companies demonstrate their efficiency and transparency with a free first online loan of up to 300 euros. Which means that you will not have to pay interest.

  • What happens if I am in a delinquent file?

This situation is resolved with companies that offer their financial products to people who are in databases such as Asnef (National Association of Financing Entities) or RAI (Registry of Unpaid Acceptances). In this case, you will have to show regular income (such as a payroll) or present an endorsement.

  • Why don't you offer me a personal loan?

It can be for several reasons, but we recommend that you review the information you included in your application and vary the amount requested and the repayment time to have more options to receive a loan online.

  • Why do they ask me for my DNI?

To be able to offer personalized financial products and check if the user has any outstanding debts.

  • What if they offer it to me with a vehicle or mortgage guarantee?

This means that you must put your vehicle or house as a guarantee of payment in case you fail to meet your quotas. It is one of the ways that online credit companies have to protect themselves.

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