Mini-credits by phone

Have you received a message on your mobile lately offering you a mini-credit? They are the order of the day.

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Mini-credits by phone

Mini-credits by phone

Such is the boom that lots of companies, such as supermarkets or even mobile phone companies, are entering this sector with a firm and determined step. Many already have a Consumer Finance division by telephone as part of the company's product and service portfolio.

They offer you up to 7,000 euros. Think about what you could do with that amount of money. It can be the ideal option to give yourself that whim you long for (a vacation that everyone will envy when they see it on your Instagram, for example), or patch some unexpected expense (a small reform of the kitchen or bathroom), or even it could help you start your small business. There are online businesses that with a website that does not exceed € 1,000 in cost, you are ready.

Today, mini-credits by telephone are very much in vogue, mainly for two reasons: we are living in times when the economy is losing steam, and for many it is crucial to get ahead on their own. Similarly, the health crisis has caused a large number of street businesses to reconvert to the digital economy. Another of the most common reasons why people venture to a loan of this nature is to acquire consumer goods, such as a car or an appliance.

In any case, it is always better to be well informed. I don't have to tell you. You already know that free money does not exist. Surely you can find a lot of information on the internet, both negative and positive. Most of the negative opinions, although not all, are part of the usual hoaxes. So pay attention to what I am going to tell you next, because if you are well informed, phone loans could be of great help in case you need them.

Immediacy is the touchstone

To a great extent, the popularity of these credits lies in the simplicity when requesting them. You call and they take care of you at the moment. There are many people who still do not have an internet connection, so the ability to resolve the matter in one call is a relief. On the other hand, they do not usually require endorsements. This also makes things a lot easier, since no one likes others to know what we are spending our money on, right?

Another advantage is that they do not ask you innumerable personal questions or have to fill out heavy forms. There will always be the possibility of making your request from your mobile. For this, it would be convenient for you to have a robust internet connection via Wi-Fi or your contracted data package.

There are faster credits than others. That will also depend on the information that the lender has about you. At most, mini-credits by phone are obtained within 24 hours of requesting it.

It goes without saying that you should make sure that the details of the bank to which you want the amount to be entered are correct. Let's see if you're going to be upset.

What should you pay attention to?

You must pay attention to the credit conditions, so that later there are no surprises. These must be clear and concise. Every contract must be accompanied by its conditions. They should also be available on the credit company's page.

The credits that are around the amounts described above are usually amortized over a period that ranges from several months to a couple of years. Everything will depend on the amount you have required. If it is higher, the longer the repayment period.

It may happen that you want to pay ahead of time. If you know that is going to be the case, take a good look, because some companies may charge a surcharge for prompt payment. Yes, I know, it sounds weird, but it happens frequently. I will not go into details, but a bank loses money if it collects its credits in advance. Hence the interest surcharge. Others do not usually charge, because charging early also means less risk of default.

The loan options are vast and the verbiage used can be intricate at times. Make sure you correctly compare all the alternatives. A valid option is to compare the different APR (Annual Equivalent Rate) of each loan. For those who are not knowledgeable in the matter, the APR tells you what the interest you would have to pay would be if they were charged from year to year. In this way, you ensure that you are comparing pears to pears and apples to apples.

One last tip

Behave responsibly. Much of the complaints from consumers of these credits come from the high debt rate that they have accumulated as a result of requiring one of these mini-credits. The biggest drawback of these credits comes from the side of the penalties they charge if you don't pay. This is so because the immediacy service and the high risk of non-payment that lenders bear must compensate it with profits. Otherwise, this business would not exist, and you would not be able to make your dream of that trip come true, of acquiring the car you like or of setting up the business that will allow you to lead a lifestyle that you will reconcile with your family responsibilities.

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