Loans without a credit card

Learn about the best offers for loans without a credit card in Spain, they are an ideal option when you need money quickly and without paperwork.

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Loans without a credit card

Loans without a credit card

When the unforeseen occur (repairing the car, buying medicines, etc.) we use the fastest financing alternatives to get the money. Loans without a credit card are managed in minutes and without complicated requirements.

Loans without a credit card: a fast option and without paperwork

They are financial products tailored to the needs, they demand the minimum of requirements to speed up the process and facilitate access. They are offered by private credit agencies through an online platform, are requested in just a few minutes from the mobile and are credited to the bank account.

Also known as instant credits , they allow you to obtain up to 2,000 euros in a matter of minutes and without payroll. In addition, the money can be returned in the short term (7 - 30 days) and are obtained through a 100% online process (over the Internet). Without a doubt, they are a sure source of financing to obtain extra cash when it is needed.

What do I need to request loans without a credit card?

Anyone with a computer or mobile phone can apply for loans without a credit card. Despite the fact that each financial institution establishes particular requirements to process the credit, they allow the majority to request them:

  • Being over 18 years.
  • Be Spanish or with permanent residence in Spain.
  • Have a bank account to receive the money.
  • Have email and mobile phone.
  • Valid identity document (DNI).

Some finance companies may require proof of income, however, they offer a more flexible term and higher amounts.

How to apply for loans without a card and without collateral?

Loans without a card and without collateral solve occasional money problems, are an immediate and easily accessible option. Here are the steps to request them:

  1. Use a loan comparator : these are websites that allow you to get the best loan offers online. You just have to enter the amount you need and it will show you the most convenient offers.
  2. You choose the loan offer : compare the interest rate (APR), the maximum amount and the payment term. Once you choose the offer, the comparator redirects you to the financial website to request the money.
  3. You fill out the application form : you enter your basic personal and contact information, after you send the information you verify your identity (you receive a message on your mobile with a verification code, which you enter on the page to validate your identity).
  4. Immediate response : you receive the notification by email or on your mobile in just a few minutes. If the loan has been approved, they transfer the money to your bank account (you can have the cash in minutes).

What are the advantages of loans without a credit card?

Paperless personal loans can be the fastest financing alternative. Here are the advantages they offer:

  • They are fast : the response is instantaneous and there is the possibility of receiving the money in minutes (if the account is from the same bank, otherwise the money is received in 24 hours).
  • They are accessible : they are requested without complicated paperwork and 100% online, it is not necessary to have a debit or credit card.
  • They are convenient : they are custom designed, users can access the best offers in the online credit market, according to their needs and payment possibilities.
  • They are safe : all financial companies provide information related to the terms and conditions of the loan. In addition, they comply with security regulations for the processing of personal data.

What is the difference between card loans and fast loans?

To access credit card loans, you must comply with the bank's requirements, among the main ones are: demonstrate good credit history (you cannot have a negative record or delinquency in ASNEF), the process to request the card can take up to 15 days .

Also, you must count the amount available without exceeding the credit limit. For example: if the card limit is 5,000 euros and in the month you have made discounts of 4,800 euros, you only have 200 euros available for the loan. They also generate commissions (monthly maintenance expenses) that are added to the interest on the card.

Quick credits are requested without Financial Credit Institutions (even without payroll), the credit history is not decisive to receive the loan . You can access the amount you need and choose the payment term, the money is credited in just a few minutes. Some finance companies offer the first loan without interest, you only pay the approved amount.

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