Loans with ASNEF and fixed payroll

Are you in ASNEF and need a personal loan? Find the best loan offers with ASNEF and fixed payroll. It is very easy, just compare and choose.

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Loans with ASNEF and fixed payroll

Loans with ASNEF and fixed payroll

Loans with ASNEF and fixed payroll are an option in the face of financial problems. If you need a personal loan, but you are registered in the ASNEF file, here you will find a list of certified companies.

Loans with ASNEF and fixed payroll: step by step application

The online application process is very simple, it will only take a few minutes from your computer or mobile phone:

  1. Find the best credit offer: our website allows you to compare the best financing options in Spain. You will only have to enter the amount and we will show you a list of agencies with the credit offer.
  2. Select the loan that suits your requirements, the system will automatically connect you to the website of the financial company to make the request.
  3. Choose the amount and term of repayment, then fill out the form with personal information and send the loan application. The platform analyzes the data, verifies your identity and sends you the loan offer by email (in just minutes).
  4. Once the application is approved, you will have to confirm and accept the loan conditions. The finance company will send the money to the bank account you register.

What are the requirements to apply for loans with ASNEF?

Each credit agency determines the application conditions, knows the requirements that are commonly required:

  • Be over 18 years old (some companies may require more than 25 years).
  • Have a bank account in Spain (must be in the applicant's name).
  • Have permanent residence in Spain.
  • Identification document (DNI or NIE) in force.
  • Prove income with payroll or pension.
  • Have email and mobile phone.

Can I pay my debts with the loans regardless of Financial Credit Institutions?

Yes, in Spain there are financial companies that offer debt reunification with ASNEF. They allow you to concentrate the debt (mortgage, cards, personal credits) in a unified loan with better conditions. The cost of the new loan is lower (a saving of approximately 50%), with a lower APR and a flexible repayment period.

In addition, you receive professional advice so that the whole process is transparent and you overcome your financial problems. Loans with ASNEF to pay debts allow you to solve emergencies, the process is fast and you can have the money between 24 and 48 hours. See a summary of the most important advantages:

  • Lower cost: you pay less in the monthly payment (the monthly savings can reach up to 50% compared to your current payments).
  • Less interest: the interest rate is reduced, the financial companies offer you a personalized loan with more favorable conditions.
  • Flexibility: the return period is adapted to your payment possibilities and requirements. Some agencies can offer up to 5 years.

How can I check if I am in the ASNEF file?

You can check if you are in the ASNEF file through several alternatives, in advance we can inform you that the consultation is totally free at the Equifax company.

  1. The Equifax company notifies the registration in Financial Credit Institutions through a letter sent by postal mail. If you have received the letter and you have the reference number in hand, you can check your details on the ASNEF - Equifax website.
  2. If you have misplaced the letter or only need to make the inquiry, you can send the "Agile inquiry form" (downloaded from the ASNEF - Equifax website) to the email address [email protected] You must also attach a valid identification document (DNI, NIE, driver's license). The company will reply with the requested information within a period of 1 month.

What are the advantages of applying for fixed payroll loans?

The fixed payroll shows that you have regular income and ability to pay, in other words, you can repay the loan money within the established term. It represents a sufficient guarantee for the agencies that grant loans with ASNEF, then they can offer you financing adjusted to your needs (with the ideal amount and term).

The application process is 100% online (you will not have to go to an office), the requirements are minimal and you receive an immediate response. It is an agile and safe option that allows you to have the money between 24 and 48 hours (once the credit is approved). In addition, if you return the money within the established term, you can get better conditions on a new loan (longer term or the highest amount).

Are you looking for more information about loans with asnef? You can also consult detailed information at

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