Saving Money in Tough Times

Yes, we all know that saving money is a very good tactic and that it should even be taught in schools as a subject matter, since few know how to do it and do not know its importance. We can save money in many ways and by following many tactics. We can save by recycling clothes, buying second-hand items, making our own wardrobes and other items, but all this refers to things that are not so necessary, that are not basic and we can do without them to some extent. But what about the things that are in daily use? Basics like food and water ...

Calculator loan amortization table

The first concern that applicants for a loan have is whether their application will be approved or denied. But normally the second question that they ask is related to knowing what the TIN, APR and the payment terms will be to properly pay your mini-loan. All this information can be obtained for free with a Loan Calculator and its Amortization Chart.

Loan calculator

Did your car break down and you need to fix it urgently? Didn't you count on that unexpected expense during the Back to School or the January Slope? Do you need to pay a fine right now to take advantage of your 50% reduction? These situations happen daily and it is necessary to have cash to solve them as soon as possible.

Calculate loan

Since the new online credit companies began to operate under the supervision of the Bank of Spain, more and more Spaniards prefer this alternative to traditional banks since the processes are faster, paperwork is reduced to a minimum and can even be Ask for free mini-loans or even if you are in a file of defaulters like Financial Credit Institutions. Now, do you know how to calculate a loan?

Loan interest calculation

If you have never had to apply for a personal loan or request a credit online before, it is essential that you know the basic terms of this financial product that you must take into account in addition to the monthly payment that you will have to face every month according to the amount borrowed.

The characteristics of a perfect personal loan

The characteristics of a perfect personal loan ...

Who supervises and controls online loans?

With traditional banks, there is no doubt that they all belong to the Bank of Spain and are heavily regulated. Does the same happen with the financial institutions that have appeared in recent years and that offer online loans and fast loans? Who controls them? In what ways are we protected as clients and users of your financial services? In this article we will clear these doubts.

The reason for mini online credits

Mini online credits appeared during the last economic crisis as an alternative way for many people who were struggling to get ahead with quick money. Mini credits and mini loans are characterized by their speed and ease of processing. Do you know why they are like this and have such special conditions?

I have been denied a loan, what do I do now?

The trend of personal loans and credits in Spain has been increasing for several consecutive years, and family financing has more and more alternatives. However, many loan and credit applications are denied, both in banks and online entities. Why? What can you do if you have been denied a loan?

The credit market grows unstoppable even in sales

Summer is a time synonymous with many things: vacations, family, travel, good weather, etc. It is also synonymous with sales, and not only in stores and shopping centers. This 2019, June and July have confirmed a downward trend in the average interest rates (APR) of personal loans, reaching their annual minimum value.

Online loans and personal data: everything you need to know

We live in a digitized and online world. We are making more and more transactions through a mobile phone or device. However, the online world is still an unknown place, as we enter our personal data, access services, buy, hire, create users and passwords, etc. What happens to that data? What is the world of finance and lending doing to protect our information against the GDPR of the European Union?

Lines of credit: what they are and how to order them online

Private lines of credit are an alternative to traditional bank lines of credit that have emerged as perfect travel companions to mini online credits. They are a type of open credits with a different relationship between the entity and the holder, and they have their market since they cover a specific type of needs.

Tracks, advantages and risks of mini-loans

At the speed at which we live, we sometimes forget to make a classic list of pros and cons of a decision. This is especially applicable to mini loans, that online product that you have heard so much about and that allows you to request a small amount of money online, without paperwork, and receive it in a matter of minutes. So quickly, anyone stops to think! However, it is good to do it: we explain it to you.

Winning with early repayment of loans

It often happens with long-term loans: after a while, you get extra money that you decide to advance to partially or fully pay the debt you have in the form of a loan. Doing this is not only possible, but also saves money on interest.

Myths and Truths of Loan Insurance

Sometimes, banks, but also non-banks offer us voluntary insurance linked to the granting of a loan. Insurance policies have their advantages and disadvantages, which must be known before starting to hire them or not.

PrestamosFrescos expands in Latin America in the boom of online loans in 2019

The boom that online loans and fast loans are experiencing in Spain is replicable to Latin American countries, where fintech is revolutionizing the markets and the way money is managed in 2019. One of the star products continues to be fast online loans , a form of urgent money for the short-medium term and with more offers than ever.

A world without cash: working with cryptocurrencies

2019 is the year that digital payments, according to experts in technology trends, will spread to all areas of everyday life. In an ecosystem where mobile payments are already common and more and more people are looking for digital, fast and secure payment methods through the internet or mobile phone.

Cryptocurrencies in Spain: perspectives for 2019

As of today, in the middle of 2019, in Spain no law or regulation on cryptocurrencies has yet been approved, and the only thing that occurs are conversations, some first guidelines on how to declare them and little else. Consequently, cryptocurrency exchange companies and platforms live in a gray area, not being directly regulated and of course they cannot benefit from the deposit guarantee fund.

The Fintech boom that is changing the loan market in Spain

Technology at the service of money and domestic finances. This is Fintech (name that comes from combining the initial syllables of FINance and TECHnology, finance and technology in English), or Financial Technology, this new business model of recent appearance that is changing the credit landscape in the Spanish market. While the traditional banking sector faces new situations trying to adapt its products, which are sometimes offered depending on what they have to present or what is in the pipeline, Fintech companies care about people and look for what they most want. it agrees.

Loans for your car

How many times have we not been forced to sell or pawn our possessions because we are in a financial crisis that seems to have no way out. There are no friends left to support us and it seems that all banks lend money only to those who do not need it and can afford what they want for themselves, but never to those who really need it because they have lost their jobs and debts and bills are falling. accumulating. This frustration is classic and can lead to despair and hopelessness. For this reason, the financial market has found in this need an opportunity to support its users and give them a hand when they need it most.