Saving Money in Tough Times

Yes, we all know that saving money is a very good tactic and that it should even be taught in schools as a subject matter, since few know how to do it and do not know its importance. We can save money in many ways and by following many tactics. We can save by recycling clothes, buying second-hand items, making our own wardrobes and other items, but all this refers to things that are not so necessary, that are not basic and we can do without them to some extent. But what about the things that are in daily use? Basics like food and water ...

Saving Money in Tough Times

That's another matter, isn't it? It is one thing to save on things that are not so necessary, but ... something we depend on every day is another story.

Here we will try to give you a guide so you can save on your daily food purchases

Investigate the Competition

The first thing you should do is investigate which supermarkets are promoting savings or lower prices than the competition. One suggestion is to ask your neighbors or people who live there. You can also do research on the internet, you know ... Google knows everything. There is a site where you can find all the supermarkets brochures with offers, special prices and discounts.

Discover the Best Places

With that information in hand, you can proceed to choose the supermarkets that offer you the best prices or the best deals and discounts.

For example, in my case, I already have a chosen favorite. Every time I need to shop for groceries and perishables, I go to the Aldi store. I have found that, in addition to having fresh and excellent quality products, their prices are better than those offered by the competition.

Check the Aldi catalog yourself, to see if the products and offers they offer are useful to you and confirm if they really are the lowest prices. You can also consult their Aldi Brochure directly on their website, before deciding to visit them.

What's more, there is an excellent page where you can find the brochures of all the other stores and supermarkets. I find this extremely convenient, since it avoids you going out (much appreciated at the moment) and thus saves gas and your time.

By concentrating all these brochures on one page, this website has done an excellent job that you should take advantage of . Feel free to visit the website and review one by one the brochures of the stores that you find interesting. We assure you that all have and offer offers, discounts and special prices.

We have taken on the task of visiting hundreds of pages with similar information to make your work easier, so we hope it will help you. Of everything we have reviewed, this page is the best.

As we tell you, we have already visited Flyrion and we have verified what we tell you. Now it's up to you to decide how efficient your listings and information are.

Proceed (and save) at the Purchase

Once you have decided among the entire list of offers and discounts, you may have decided on our favorite or not, but regardless of that factor, now is the next step. Save at the time of purchase .

If you visit the catalogs and brochures beforehand, you will be able to get an idea of ​​the products that are on offer, we suggest that with that information in hand you proceed to make a menu for your week.

Now add the products you need in addition to those offered to make a shopping list.

Check your pantry and see how much you have left of certain products that you consume daily, and how much you lack. Do not go to the store without this information, because then you may think that something is missing because you have time not to see it in your cupboard, and there may be two hidden jars and buy a third!

Next, we offer you a list of products that are easily forgotten in a corner of the cupboard:

Products you MUST Check Before Going to Purchase

  • Sauces (spicy, marinade, for pasta)
  • Meat seasonings
  • Powder seasonings
  • Flavored salts
  • Popcorn
  • Flours, wholemeal and white
  • Boxes with prepared foods
  • Oils
  • Baking items such as flavorings and specialty sugars

Additional Tips

If you are used to buying certain brands of products, for example, if you like fresh smelling toilet paper and have never tried another, give it a try.

Keep an open mind and buy the sale products to give them the opportunity. Who knows, you might even want to switch brands forever after trying them.

Never buy six boxes of a product on sale (for example), especially if you have not used it before or do not recognize the brand. It's one thing that you want to give a new product a chance, and another that you get stuck with boxes and boxes of a product that you did not like or did not serve you. Whenever you try a new product, buy in moderation . You can go back and buy more if it was a success, but you can't return six boxes if you didn't like it.

Transportation and Savings

Another way that you can save both time and money is by shopping online. Not only will you avoid buying things that you crave, since you will not be able to "see" them on the shelves, you will limit yourself to the list you have without feeling the need to buy extras. This is a great way to save.

In addition, you can use the time you are not spending to go to the store and walk through all the aisles to get a little exercise, pamper yourself or even go for a walk with your pet.

Another good tip is to check if the store has free home delivery . This will make your savings even greater. In stores where you have to pay extra for delivery, consider scheduling the pickup at the store at a certain time, so you can simply stop by the store, pick up your merchandise at the designated point without continuing to look for a place to park, and return home in a few minutes, to settle your purchases and start the food process.

You can even schedule other things you have to do on the street to save energy and gasoline.

We hope all these tips help you save more, more easily .

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