Online loans on the spot

One of the great attractions of online credits in the act is that they will not ask you for any kind of justification about the purpose of the loan. This is attractive to those with a moderate salary who are facing financial difficulty.

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Your-Credit-Quick 0%

€ 50 - € 9,000
7 days - 60 months
  • Maturity 7 days - 60 months

Ask for credit 12.5%

€ 5,000 - € 300,000
12 - 120 months
  • Maturity 12 - 120 months

Money24 10%

€ 50 - € 900
61 - 182 days
  • Maturity 61 - 182 days
  • Loan of up to € 900
  • Duration: 61 - 182 days
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Loan 100
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Online loans in ACT

Online loans in ACT

Online loans

These types of financial entities that provide online loans generally do not request an endorsement or a guarantee to be able to access them. It is important that you do have periodic income that you can verify such as a salary, family money, among others. Another attraction of this type of loan is that everything can be done online and it is not necessary to go to the bank in person. The speed with which they send you the money once the loan is approved is another reason why this type of service is getting more and more followers.

Fast online loans

Another reason why we recommend you access fast online loans is that the entities that offer them have strict privacy terms. However, if you fall into default, your data could be registered in ASNEF, RAI, or any other database of delinquency.

Online loans with ASNEF

The majority of entities that offer loans will consult, before granting the same, delinquency files such as ASNEF or RAI. However, obtaining online loans on the spot with ASNEF is also within your possibilities. In any case, we recommend that you get out of your debts as soon as possible, so that you can be eliminated from these delinquency files. Although it is possible that you get more financing from immediate online loans, it is also important that you carry out an analysis of your financial situation to determine if you are able to assume another obligation.

Online loans on the spot

According to recently released research conducted by Cashper , an organization that offers these services, about 65% of individuals who apply for online loans on the spot are male. Furthermore, most of the people who request this type of service are single and in their forties. These figures lead us to think that those organizations whose target audience is young people have a challenge.

Mini online loans on the spot

The fact that many of the people who apply for mini loans online are around forty years old, according to the aforementioned study, shows us that the individuals who access these services are not necessarily in a critical economic situation. In general, these people have a payroll on the spot that is around € 1000. It is worth mentioning that a study from about a year ago indicated that “millennials”, or those who were born between 1983 and 2000, were the population group that most accessed online microloans. This shows that it is a dynamic sector, with clients of all age ranges.

Online credits and urgent online credits

One of the great attractions of online credits is that the entity will not ask you for any kind of justification about what you need the money for. This is quite attractive for people who have a moderate salary and who for some reason are facing a financial difficulty, which leads them to request urgent online loans. It is a significant vote of confidence on the part of these entities that is interesting.

Credits without paperwork in the act

The interest that applies to this type of credit without paperwork is 7.82%, according to data published in April by the Bank of Spain. There are many loan comparators to help you find the organization that best suits your situation. By knowing all the options that are available, with the requirements of each one, you can make the best possible decision.

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