Urgent loans

Nobody likes to have to borrow money, but when it is necessary, it is better to have the money as soon as possible so that the unexpected emergency can be solved before the consequences become serious.

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Urgent loans

With urgent online loans offered by safe and reliable companies that meet the requirements of the Bank of Spain, you will have the money you need practically instantly.

Urgent loans

Urgent online loans fit your needs

If you want to pay a fine quickly to take advantage of its 50% reduction, can you imagine the paperwork that you would have to carry out to obtain the loan amount with your bank? This does not happen with urgent online loan companies that operate legally in Spain since to evaluate your case you will only have to send online a recent bank statement with your latest expenses and income and a copy of your ID, passport or credit card. home.

Take advantage of an urgent loan simulator

Now, with so many online credit companies operating in Spain, how do you know which one best suits your personal needs? Very simple, you just have to use a quick mini-loan comparator. Its use will not link you with any company, it will simply offer you a list of the options that you have at your disposal so that you can evaluate them and select the one that best meets your expectations.

Simply enter the amount you need and the time you need to pay your urgent loan. Remember that in addition to interest, you must also look at other important aspects such as whether the preferred company applies management fees, allows advance payments, offers the possibility of extension or lets you reunify several mini-credits.

Urgent loans without going through the bank

True emergencies happen at the most unexpected moment and you cannot wait days or even weeks to receive the money you need to solve an emergency. For example, if your glasses were broken or lost, how are you going to be going through process after process while you cannot continue with your daily routines as usual?

Currently all the eternal bureaucracy of banks to request an urgent loan is eliminated thanks to the online mini-credit companies that offer loans from 50 euros and up to 60,000 euros so that you can do once and for all the reform that your home needs, pay that overdue bill from the dentist or fix that car noise that will leave you stranded on the road any day.

Urgent loans without endorsement or payroll

Today you can request an urgent loan without endorsement or payroll in the best fast credit companies in Spain. Obviously these companies must have guarantees that you have enough income to be sure that you will be able to pay your mini-loan in the established times. But to facilitate your application they also accept other types of income such as a pension or an income. As long as you can show that you have a regular income with which you can pay your monthly installments on time, they will open the doors wide for you.

Urgent credits with Asnef

If you are in a file of defaulters like Asnef (National Association of Financing Entities) or RAI (Registry of Unpaid Acceptances) some urgent online loan companies do not penalize you for a past mistake. These companies are aware of how difficult it is to get out of a database of these characteristics and will approve your credit application quickly as long as you show that you currently have a low risk profile by having regular income that shows your solvency to face your monthly fee.

Frequent questions

  • How much money can I ask for?

The question should really be how much money you can pay since it is not about requesting the amount that seems most appropriate, but the amount that you can pay within the established deadlines. For this, the Bank of Spain recommends that the amount of an urgent online loan does not exceed a third of the net income you receive.

  • Can I request a free urgent loan?

This option is available to new customers of some fast credit companies. You can request up to 300 euros for free and you will only pay the borrowed money without interest, that's why they are free.

  • Can I request a loan online with 18 years?

Legally, this is the minimum age required to apply for a credit online. However, keep in mind that some companies impose restrictions on their services to people under the age of 21; just as they do with people over 70 years of age.

  • How do I know the total amount of my mini-credit?

The interest rate is a determining factor when selecting a loan company, but you also have to know other additional commissions to make the best possible decision; such as management fees.

  • Do I need a bank account to apply for a loan online?

This is one of the requirements demanded by most companies that operate legally in Spain. In addition, the account must belong to a national or international bank approved by the Bank of Spain.

  • Are the interest rates too high?

Keep in mind that the interest rates on this financial product usually vary between 10% and 20%. This can make a big difference when it comes to paying the requested loan, so it is essential to carry out an exhaustive comparison with a loan simulator before signing a contract; you can save several hundred euros for a few seconds of your time.

  • Can I request an extension?

It depends on each company. If you think that you will not be able to meet your monthly payment, before finding yourself in a situation of non-payment it is better that you talk to the company about the possibility of an extension since even if you have to pay a commission, it will be a lesser evil.

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