30-year-old man who sold his watch to start a million-pound business wants to inspire others with his story


A dad who sold his watch to start a million pound business wants to share his story to inspire others.

Callum Walsh is set to earn his first £ 1million but it hasn’t always been easy for the 30-year-old.

He shared the story behind his rise to success to inspire others to always follow their dreams, reports the Manchester Evening News.

Callum was a budding entrepreneur from a young age, and when he was only nine he started washing cars on his street.

At nine, he started washing neighbors’ cars on his street in Wythenshawe, Manchester offering its customers a ‘lifetime subscription’ in exchange for a monthly subscription of £ 5.

Gardening services followed, as well as a “business” at the school with crisps and cans of soft drink.

The youngster even went to local fast food outlets in the area to ask if they needed flyers posted in letterboxes.

It is a work ethic that has underpinned his life.

“He’s always dreamed of being a police officer, but I think his drive to make money from a young age is what really drives him,” said his wife Daisy, 31.

“Despite his childhood in a municipal estate, Callum was hunted from an early age.”

They met when Callum was working in the bank and married in 2015 before entering the world of automotive finance.

Callum and his wife Daisy

But four years ago, shortly after turning 26 and with a four-month-old baby girl, Callum and Daisy were stunned to learn he had suffered a mini-stroke.

“I found myself without a job, with a small family to feed and not a jerk,” he said.

“I was completely broke.

“I’ve supported my family with credit cards, maximized my limits, and taken out loans and overdrafts. My amazing wife even had her maternity leave stolen by me, but she didn’t. is not a complaint.

“I was now a stay-at-home dad. Mum supported her family, while I tried to find work. I felt like an absolute failure.

“And that’s how it started.

“I pledged my Breitling watch, applied for a Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) license with the money, and contacted my LinkedIn network for help.

“After long messages and long processes, I finally had lenders to support my brokerage.”

The end result was the creation of Match Me Car Finance, an online car finance broker, based in Wythenshawe.

The couple, who now live in Cheshire, chose the name one night while sitting on their sofa at home.

“I needed the money though,” Callum said.

“I applied for business credit cards and used that to fund the first few months of business.

“I had all the fire in the world in my stomach, but I ran out of money.

Callum walsh
Callum walsh

“I took out a high interest rate loan secured against my house. I was willing to risk it all because I was so passionate it wouldn’t fail.”

And his instincts turned out to be well founded.

Callum said the business, launched in May 2018, generated revenue of £ 90,000 in the short financial year 2018.

Growth accelerated in the second financial year of 2019, when the company achieved a turnover of £ 1.5million by securing £ 12.35million in car financing for its customers.

“We plan to provide automobile financing worth £ 72million to our customers by the end of 2022, with total earned income of £ 8.64million,” he said .

“The company was founded with a moral compass above all else, with the mission of saving our customers money.”

Sharing his story with the Manchester Evening News, Callum recounted how he almost accepted a shelf stacking job before his FCA license was issued.

“I think growing up in Wythenshawe taught me that you have to work harder for whatever you want in life and although I had a great childhood and the most amazing parents, who made me , my brother and my two sisters never do without, I have witnessed the struggles they went through to meet our needs and get by, “he said.

“While I went to a remote school in Wythenshawe – Kingsway School in Cheadle – I always felt like I had more to prove because I never really felt a sense of belonging or belonging. total acceptance at school, being one of the few children to be a communal domain there.

“I think feeling the need to constantly prove myself to others created a burning desire inside.

Callum and his wife Daisy
Callum and his wife Daisy

“My advice to anyone considering starting a business is to trust their instincts and not be swayed by the negative opinions of others because sometimes they just don’t see what you see.

“If I had listened to those who told me not to start my business, I wouldn’t be in the lucky position I am today.

“If you have a vision, follow your dreams, find the right people, and most importantly, support yourself.”

Daisy, a hairdresser, recounted how the stroke caused Callum to temporarily lose feeling on the left side of her body.

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