my money now

my money now

€ 3,000 Maximum loan amount
1 - 120 months Maturity
Interest 1%

Quick information

If you are looking for a loan urgently, is the community where you can compare the best financial services and products on the market, including small loans or mini-credits, online loans, credit cards, among others. You can choose from a large repertoire of up to 500 offers for online loans and financial services. Choose the offer that best suits your needs. You need to choose the amount and the terms in which you are going to pay. In each institution the conditions differ, however, we guarantee that it is for this reason that we have chosen among the best offers in the market. This means that you will only be choosing from the best that there is and you can also adapt these services to your needs and economic capacities. The time it takes for the requested money to reach your bank account has a lot to do with the entity in which you are requesting the money. Generally when it comes to loans of small amounts, or mini-credits, you have the loan money in your account in less than 15 minutes. The company that manages Midineroahora is located in Madrid (Spain) at the address Víctor Andrés Belaunde 52. Bajo. Escalera 2. If you have any questions or concerns you can write to the email [email protected]

  • Loan comparator that selects the best financial products on the market through digital tools for that purpose
  • Varied terms according to the financial institution. If you have any questions you can enter the section "Do you have questions?"
  • Many of the entities lend even if you are reported in delinquency files. You can check the feedback from other clients of the company on the website
  • Incidental expenses
  • Car repairs
  • Machines for domestic use
  • Gift shopping


Specific information

The process is very easy, you just have to go to the website and first click on “Apply now.” In the registration process, they will ask you for some basic information such as your name and surname, nationality, date of birth, DNI / NIE, address residence, bank account, among others.

Interest rates and maximum payment times also depend a lot on each company and the amount you decide, however, as we have already said, in Midinero you will now only find the best offers in the financial market. In several of the companies that you will find, they approve loans even if the person is registered in a delinquency file as ASNEF.

myMoney Now Refund Table

Requested amount Fee Total to pay Duration
200 € € 14 € 214 1 month

A representative example

If you borrow € 200 for 1 month, you will pay € 214 in total. So the tax is going to be € 14.

FAQ myMoney Now

How is the return policy?

Those customers who are not satisfied with the service offered by can contact the company through the customer service area. To do this, they should only call 912664937 or they can also write to [email protected] in order to request a refund of the membership fee. Said fee will be refunded in full, provided that no more than 30 days have passed since it was paid. If more than 30 days have elapsed, your registration may be deleted, but you will have to pay the registration fee.

I am reported in ASNEF, I have debts and bad credit history, can I apply for the loan anyway?

There are also companies that provide loans, even if you don't have a good credit history, just go to the "Financial Products" section and there you can find all the information you are looking for. However, before requesting a loan, it is essential that you carry out an analysis of your financial situation and if you are in fact capable of contracting a new obligation. Not paying in the agreed installments could mean that you have to pay higher costs.

Is the loan granted to me by Midinero now?

No, Midinero now only shows you the best financial services that suit your search needs. The final decision regarding the institution with which you prefer to obtain the loan is in your hands completely. You can make use of the comparison tools to obtain the best financial products in terms of loans, mini-credits, credit cards, among others.



He needed a loan but was not sure which option to choose. I entered and was able to choose between the best offers.


I wanted a mini credit and there were too many offers ... then I found this ... and I chose the best option Very easy!


I did not know that there were so many options to save money but now it is clear to me and I already indulge myself.

Loan rating

4 On the website the steps are easy to register and start enjoying the benefits of each of the financial products that they offer you. The page was created for its easy navigability so you can compare between the best services without any problem. In case you do have a problem then we invite you to contact the entity so they can resolve any situation. Midinero is now an online community that is made by finance professionals. These professionals constantly and meticulously search for financial products and services on the market, in order to include them in the lists used by the company. These functions are carried out by the company taking into account how complicated it can be for many people to choose the existing mini-credits, loans or credits. There are many alternatives on the web and the conditions that each one has can be very different. With Midinero now you can choose between the best alternatives taking into account the product curation procedure carried out by the institution. That way you can save up to 70% in interest and additional costs.

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Loan terms

  • Applicant Loan of the Natural person
  • Older than 18 years-old
  • With permanent address in Spain

Application processing procedure

  • To determine the total amount of the loan
  • Fill in the form and send it


  • All you have to do to access the loan, if you meet the conditions, is to register, verify your identity and choose the best offer
  • works with around 750 financial advisers so that you can get the best products available
  • Browse in peace because your data is fully protected by the company. You can compare the best offers on the market as many times as you want
  • You have more than 500 financial products and services to choose the most convenient offers, according to your specific needs


  • You cannot access Midinero's services now without having paid a fee of € 29.90 with which you can find the best financial products on the market
  • You cannot access the loan without first registering on the website when creating a "User Account", after having completed a digital form
  • You can cancel the service offered by TECH HUB (Midineroahora) whenever you want but this will not necessarily imply that the registration fee will be refunded.
  • Users who do not carry out an identity verification through a credit card will not be able to access the financial services offered


myDinero Now, Calle Víctor Andrés Belaunde, 52, 28016 Madrid, Spain

my money now

my money now
If you are looking for a loan urgently, is the community where you can compare the best financial services and products on the market, including small loans or mini-credits, online loans, credit cards, among others. MyBudget now Rating: 5/5 543 votes.

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