I need money

I need money

€ 400 Maximum loan amount
1 - 33 days Maturity
Interest 12%

Quick information

If you need money, in necessito-dinero.es they provide loans up to € 400 that you can pay in a period of 1 to 33 days. Before requesting the loan it is important that you meet some conditions such as having reached the age of majority, you must also be a resident in Spain and you must have a bank account in Spanish territory, mobile, personal email and not be registered in any file of delinquencies such as ASNEF or RAI. It is not essential that you have a job, but what you should have is a regular source of income that you can verify. Remember that you can only request a single loan with necessito-dinero.es simultaneously. You can request another loan, but if you have already canceled the first one. money-need.com is managed by PRIMROSE PARTNERS LIMITED with registered office at Fairbanks Studio 65-69 Lots Road, Chelsea, London. If you want to get in touch with necessito-dinero.es you can call the telephone number 912204903 or you can also send a message through an online form at this address: https://www.necesito-dinero.es/contacto.

  • Loans up to € 400 that you can pay from 1 to 33 days at very convenient interest rates for your pocket. Start your application today!
  • Money-Need.es is managed by PRIMROSE PARTNERS LIMITED with address in London, United Kingdom
  • If you need additional money for any reason, at necessito-dinero.es you can request a microloan that you have the possibility of repaying in comfortable installments
  • The borrower may carry out an early repayment of the loan at any time without having to pay penalties
  • Car repairs
  • Machines for domestic use
  • Reductions in study expenses


Specific information

From the website of necessito-dinero.es you will see the loan calculator where you must decide the amount you require and the time in which you are going to pay off the borrowed amount. The calculator will immediately inform you of the interest that you must pay, the total amount of the debt and the date you must pay. When you have done these steps, just click on "Apply Now". You must then fill in some basic information such as your name and surname, DNI / NIE, date of birth, marital status, number of dependent children, mobile phone, landline, e-mail, address, bank account number, among others.

They also ask for employment information such as your employment status, monthly net salary, next collection date, additional family income. On the other hand, it is important that you generate a password, that you read and accept the privacy policy.

When you have finished this process, your request will be analyzed and if it is accepted, the money will be sent to you in one hour to the account you registered in the online form. The request may also be denied or the approved amount may be less than the requested amount. It is key that before requesting the loan you carry out a personal analysis of whether you are actually capable of having a debt. There are penalties for additional interest that you have to cancel in case you are late in payments.

Need-Money Refund Table

Requested amount Fee Total to pay Duration
€ 47 € 12 € 59 1 day
€ 100 € 12 € 112 5 days
€ 300 € 93 € 393 30 days

A representative example

If you borrow € 47 for 1 day, you will pay € 59 in total. So the tax is going to be € 12.

FAQ I Need-Money

Can companies with necessito-dinero.es apply for loans?

I need- money.com only lends money to individuals, not to companies or organizations. However, there are many entities that specialize in offering loans to organizations.

Do I have to be working to ask for the money?

It is not essential that you are employed to request a loan with necessito-dinero.es, but it is mandatory that you have a source of financing that you can demonstrate such as a pension, unemployment benefit, money sent by a relative, etc.

Can I ask for the money if I do not own a property?

Yes you can, it is not necessary that you own a property. You can request the loan if you live in rent or with relatives. I need Money will not ask you for any endorsement or guarantee such as a property or a car. The only guarantee that I Need Money asks for is that you have regular income with which to assume the agreed fees.


Web: https://www.prestamosfrescos.es/prestamo/Necesito-Dinero/experiencia#m

All went well.

Web: https://www.topcreditos.es/necesitodinero/

It is the second time that I take one of your credits and I have not had any problem with obtaining money, or with its return.

Web: https://www.topcreditos.es/necesitodinero/

Very good loan! Many facilities to hire it and with almost no expenses.

Loan rating

On the organization's website you can find the loan calculator and all the data related to the financial services provided. Areas such as "Frequently asked questions", "How it works", "Our commitment", "Terms and conditions", "Legal notice", among others, are there to offer all the important information about the institution and the services and products it provides. . We invite you to carefully read each of the areas of the website mentioned so that you have a holistic idea of ​​the obligation you plan to assume. Enter the "Legal Notice" section so that you are fully informed regarding the privacy policy of necessito-dinero.es. If you have any questions you can enter the "Frequently Asked Questions" section where you can read a compilation of questions and answers. So, apply for your loan today so that you can pay it in comfortable installments, which are adapted to your needs. We recommend that before applying for the loan you carry out an analysis of your financial situation and if you are able to assume the debt, taking into account that in case of default, you would have to assume higher costs.

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Loan terms

  • Eder 18+ years
  • Have a mobile phone and a bank account
  • With permanent address in Spain

Application processing procedure

  • To determine the total amount of the loan
  • Use our virtual calculator - click on Request
  • Fill in the form and send it


  • The request in necessito-dinero.es can be carried out completely online, without the need to leave your home and from any device
  • Once your application is approved you will be able to count on the money in an agile way, which will be transferred to the bank account you registered
  • The process is very simple, you just have to complete the online application and indicate how much money you need so that I Need Money analyze the application
  • The borrower has a period of fourteen calendar days to withdraw from the loan contract, as long as the borrowed money has not been spent


  • This loan includes a study commission that will depend on the amount they lend you, the term and the debtor's credit history
  • The person applying for the loan will have to pay study, opening and processing costs that must be paid on the loan repayment date.
  • In the event that the debtor cannot assume the cost of the loan on its due date, I Need Money may charge higher interest
  • In case of default I Need Money can send reminders to the debtor and each reminder will have a value of € 12 that the debtor must assume


PRIMROSE PARTNERS LIMITED, Fairbank Studios, Lots Rd, Chelsea, London SW10 0RN, United Kingdom

I need money

I need money
If you need money, in necessito-dinero.es they provide loans up to € 400 that you can pay in a period of 1 to 33 days. Need-money Rating: 4/5 505 votes.

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