€ 1,000 Maximum loan amount
1 - 30 days Maturity
Interest 10%

Quick information

  • Loans from € 100 to € 1000
  • That you can pay from 1 to 30 days at very competitive interest
  • is administered by the Response Finance ApS company with registered office in Talinn


Specific information

Do you need to solve a financial problem? Via credit has the solution, Via credit has fast online credits that allow you to obtain the money you need easily and simply.

There are cases for which Via credit is the perfect solution for you, they are cases in which the need for money is punctual and the amount to request is not very high. The most common cases in which we resort to this type of loan to solve our money problems are the following:

Bill Payment. Requesting a quick loan can help us to pay our bills on time.

Vehicle repairs and other household items. Applying for a quick loan is the perfect solution to face frequent unforeseen events for which we do not have the right solution at the right time.

Traffic sanctions. The loans that Via Credito offers you can provide you with fast money with which you can pay the traffic fines that are so unpredictable.

Medical emergencies. In case of health problems you can count on the money we need instantly and it is of vital importance.

Specific expenses on special dates. We all have more expenses on special occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries, as well as on designated dates such as Christmas or holidays. To have the money we need to meet the expenses of these dates we can request a quick loan.

These loans can help us when we own a vehicle or a home, and do not have a source of income with which to obtain other types of financing.

Before making the decision, we must be sure that we will be able to make the return without problems.

Our work consists of analyzing your request and collecting your data in order to collect and compare the main characteristics of each entity so that you can observe their conditions easily and simply without having to waste time consulting.

To make applying for a loan as comfortable as possible for you, on the Via credit page they have prepared lists of different types with the latest news and the best offers of the moment, which will allow you to know at a glance the most important information of each one of the entities.

Because we know that it is not easy to choose, if you want one of our professionals to call you to help you find the loan you need, complete our form that you will find on our website under the slogan "I want you to help me" and we will contact you to advise you for free.

Because we are people like you who at some point have had the need to ask for money to be able to solve our problems and we know how difficult it can be to make a decision without sufficient information, that is why we offer you our guidance service. We will call you without obligation, to help you, free of charge, to find the loan that best suits you.

We understand by quick loans all types of financing that allow you to get quick and easy money, between 15 minutes and 48 hours depending on the type of credit, with a simple application process, generally online and without so much paperwork. Within the Vía Crédito fast loans we can find several types that grant money at the time and with different characteristics depending on the purpose for which they were designed.

The main reason why fast loans are online is because of the possibility of being able to automate all processes, thus analyzing our profile and documents in record time, without the need for it to be during office hours and being able to give us an answer in just a few minutes .

ViaCredito Refund table

Requested amount Fee Total to pay Duration
€ 100 10 € € 110 30 days

A representative example

If you borrow € 100 for 30 days, you will pay € 110 in total. So the tax is going to be € 10.

FAQ ViaCredito

How can I know if the credit I am going to obtain is trustworthy?

You can check the security seals, read the terms and conditions and you can also see the opinions of other users.

What can I do if a company denies my credit application?

In general, VÍA CRÉDITO has a risk policy similar to each other, however, in the event that you do not meet the conditions that are considered necessary, such as not having enough income to repay the credit or having defaults, you must remember that there are many other entities with different financing conditions.

Can you have more than one loan at the same time?

In the case that we need to get more money urgently, we must know that these types of entities do not grant more than one loan.

When I apply for a loan, will they ask me what I need it for?

You do not need to know what you are going to use the money for.

What requirements must I meet to apply for a loan?

You must be of legal age, reside in Spain, have income and not have a list of defaults registered.

What documentation should I have on hand to apply for a loan?

You just have to provide your personal and bank details.



"Before I believed that I would not find a company that could make me a quick loan, thanks to this platform I found several offers, the fast loans ViaCredito that have been very convenient for me."


I find it excellent that each person can take charge of their situation and that they offer a wide variety of offers.


I urgently needed to request a loan and I did not want to do it in a bank since I am in Asnef. I used ViaCredito and he recommended all the lenders that can give money to people in my condition, without any limitation. I highly recommend it as it was very helpful to me.

Loan rating

The first thing you should do is fill out a digital form so that Vía Crédito can collect your personal data and analyze it. It is in this way that Vía Crédito helps you find a loan that meets your needs. On the page you will find lists with different types of loans and the latest news from the sector, so that you can find everything organized and summarized in one place.

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Loan terms

  • Have Spanish residence, either of Spanish nationality with DNI or foreigner with NIE
  • Be of age. In some companies, the minimum age is raised to 21 years, while the maximum is also extended to 70 years.
  • Have a mobile phone in Spain
  • Have a current account in Spain
  • Enter email address

Application processing procedure

  • Complete the form with your personal data
  • See the offers that Via Credito offers you
  • Select the offer that you like the most and is according to your needs
  • Acquire your money quickly and easily in your personal account in a few minutes


  • Little paperwork
  • Fast money delivery
  • You put the time and the fees for the return of the credit money
  • You get an immediate response to your request
  • They are the best alternative to obtain money in an emergency situation
  • Record response times
  • We show you the different types of fast loans that you can go to and their characteristics
  • You can request your credit without the need for it to be during office hours
  • There are few requirements that you must meet to apply for a loan
  • We help you recognize good credit offers


  • It is necessary that you reside in Spain
  • It is necessary that you have a bank account in which you are the owner
  • You must have a mobile phone
  • It is key that you have the necessary income and that you can prove it
  • In case of defaults, the lenders can sanction you with higher interests or by reporting you to delinquency files


Response Finance ApS, Toom-Kooli 1, Tallinn, Estonia


Do you need to solve a financial problem? Via credit has the solution, Via credit has fast online credits that allow you to obtain the money you need easily and simply. ViaCredito Rating: 5/5 451 votes.

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