€ 300 Maximum loan amount
7 - 30 days Maturity
Interest 2%

Quick information

If you need a loan in Twinero you can get from € 50 to € 300 that you can pay in a period of 7 to 30 days. To request the money, it is necessary that you meet some basic conditions such as being between 21 and 70 years old, have regular income that you can verify and not be registered in delinquency files such as ASNEF or RAI. If you meet these conditions, requesting the loan is very easy. If you have already requested a loan with Twinero and paid on time, this means that you can request € 150 more next time. It is important to clarify that paying off the loan in advance has a commission of 0.5% of the initial amount, but this fee only applies if more than half the time established to pay off the debt has not passed. It is very important that you comply with payments on time considering that the interest for non-payment is equal to 1% for each day of delay. is managed by the Spanish company TWINERO, SL, with registered office at Paseo de Gracia 53, 1º 1º 08007 Barcelona. If you want to contact Twinero you can do so by calling the telephone number 935475888. You can also write to the e-mail [email protected] or send a message through the contact form at this URL /Contact.

  • Loans from € 50 to € 300 that you can pay in 7 to 30 days with very attractive interest
  • You can get the money in 3 simple steps you just have to register
  • As soon as you complete the application, you will receive the money in just 15 minutes during business hours. The hours are from Monday to Friday from 9am to 7pm and Saturdays from 9am to 5pm.
  • If your loan was approved you can accept it by sending an SMS to 931079079 unless your phone company is JAZZTEL or LEBARA
  • Incidental expenses
  • Car repairs
  • Machines for domestic use
  • Gift shopping


Specific information

If you meet the requirements, applying for the loan is very simple. From the main page of choose an amount and the term in which you are going to pay in the loan calculator. The calculator will then tell you how much is the total to be returned, the commissions you must pay, the monthly TIN and the APR.

Just click on "Apply now" and you will enter a form in which you must fill in some personal information such as your name and surname, address, postal code, DNI / NIE, city, mobile phone, gender, date of birth, landline, and -mail and bank account number (IBAN number). It is also necessary that you read and accept the terms and conditions and privacy policy.

Click "Continue" and for the next step you must verify your identity by sending the corresponding documentation, or through Instantor. Once you have met these requirements, the money will be transferred to your bank account in minutes. The speed of the transfer will depend on your banking institution. You can be sure that your data is protected under strict standards. For more information on this, you can review Twinero's Privacy Policy.

Twinero Refund Table

Requested amount Fee Total to pay Duration
€ 100 8 € € 108 7 days
€ 100 35 € € 135 30 days
€ 300 € 53 € 353 15 days

A representative example

If you borrow € 300 for 15 days, you will pay € 353 in total. So the tax is going to be € 53.

Twinero FAQ

Why was my application rejected?

Each of the requests is analyzed by Twinero's risk department. For security reasons it is not possible for Twinero to inform you the reasons why your application was rejected. However, it could be due to something simple, such as missing information, or it could also be due to financial solvency reasons. Remember that even if your application has been rejected, you have the possibility to reapply as many times as you want, especially if you consider that your conditions have changed.

My application has been approved, now how do I accept the loan?

You can accept the request by sending the word ACCEPT by SMS to the number 931079079 (although if your mobile phone company is JAZZTEL or LEBARA this alternative is not available). You can also click Confirm from the User Area.

How do I request a loan?

To request your first loan with Twinero you must complete the application process through the website. The first step is to choose the amount and the term in which you will cancel the money. Then click on "Request a loan." Fill in the form and click continue. You will then have to verify your identity, something you can do through Instantor, a faster alternative than sending documents, since you verify your identity through your bank account. You can also send the documentation to [email protected] The documentation that you must attach are: DNI / NIE, proof of bank account, proof of constant income (you must be the owner).



Very interesting offer.


They gave it to me very fast, I thought this was all a lie but the truth was that in minutes.


The most positive thing about twinero is that you can request the loan and in a matter of minutes you already have the money available, in case of any emergency it is highly recommended. Greetings.

Loan rating

On the Twinero website you can read about all the information that is related to the financial services they offer. You can also read about the comments that other clients have provided. Sections such as "Blog", "How it works", "Help", "Legal notice", among others, are key to learning more about every detail in relation to Twinero and the financial services it provides. In the "Blog" section, for example, you can read about texts related to personal finance, economics, etc. Stay up to date with what Twinero users say from the same website. So if you are looking for a loan in Twinero they give you up to € 300 that you can pay off with very competitive interest. Enter the website and get started today!

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Loan terms

  • With permanent address in Spain
  • Be between 21 and 70 years old
  • That, in the case of being the first Request, it does not have debts with Third Parties nor is it registered as a current debtor in a database of defaulters

Application processing procedure

  • To determine the total amount of the loan
  • Use our virtual calculator - click Apply Now
  • Fill in the form and send it


  • is managed by the Spanish company TWINERO, SL with registered office in Barcelona
  • Find out what Twinero users themselves say from the main page and learn from their experience
  • Verifying your identity is very easy, you can do it through the Instantor application where you only have to enter your online banking and that's it


  • If you want to request more than one loan simultaneously, you cannot do it. You can only request another once you have returned the first
  • You only receive the money immediately if your bank account is with Bankia, La Caixa, ING Bank or Banco Sabadell. If it is from another entity, it may take 24 to 48 hours
  • You cannot apply for this loan if you do not reside in Spain, if you are not between 21 and 70 years old or if you are not the owner or co-owner of a bank account


935 47 58 88
Twinero, SL, Passeig de Gràcia, 53, 08007 Barcelona, ​​Spain


If you need a loan in Twinero you can get from € 50 to € 300 that you can pay in a period of 7 to 30 days. Twinero Rating: 4/5 565 votes.

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