€ 9,000 Maximum loan amount
7 days - 60 months Maturity
Free loan The first loan is free

Quick information

    • Machines for domestic use
    • Gift Shoppingą
    • Help in cases of medical illnesses
    • Family leave

    Specific information

    It is an online service that compares personal loans and facilitates the process. The company TECH HUB IBERIA, SL is the owner of the trademark Tu Crédito Rápido, duly registered in the city of Madrid.

    Tu Crédito Rápido offers information related to the best loan offers (cost, loan conditions and details of services). Users can choose the most convenient offer, which suits their needs and ability to pay. Once you choose the financial service, you will have the ability to order it on the provider's website.

    How can I register for Tu Crédito Rápido?

    From the website you select the option "Register Now", you will have a 7-day free trial, registration has a cost of € 37.99.

    Complete the form with your personal information, you also choose the amount you need and the payment term.

    Your-Quick-Credit Refund Table

    New customer loans are commission free!

    Requested amount Fee Total to pay Duration
    € 50 € 0 € 50 7 days
    € 100 € 0 € 100 7 days
    € 1,000 € 150 € 1 150 30 days

    A representative example

    Example of loan calculation for an amount of € 6,000 over 24 months. The total amount to be returned will be € 6,420. One-time membership cost: € 37.99.

    Your-Quick-Credit FAQ

    I am in ASNEF. Can I apply for loans from Tu Crédito Rápido?

    Yes, the platform will show you loan offers with ASNEF.

    Loan rating

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    Loan terms

    • To be over 18 years old
    • Have a mobile phone and email
    • Be a resident in Spain
    • Have a bank account in Spain, with an associated debit card

    Application processing procedure

    • Fill out our application, it will not take you more than five minutes
    • Verify your identity
    • Choose the best product
    • Apply to the chosen product


    • You will have access to the best offers in the Spanish financial market, you can choose from more than 500 financial products
    • Security, your personal information is protected. The platform meets high computer security standards
    • Availability 24 hours from your computer or mobile phone


    TECH HUB IBERIA, SL, Calle de Velázquez, 53, Madrid


    Tu Crédito Rápido is a safe and efficient option to get the best personal loan offers in the Spanish market. Without paperwork and in minutes. Your Fast-Credit-Rating: 5/5 411 votes.

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    Last content update: 23. 9. 2020