€ 500 Maximum loan amount
5 - 30 days Maturity
Free loan The first loan is free

Quick information

If you need a loan in Ferratum, the first one is free! You can request from € 100 to € 500 and in a short time the institution will inform you if the loan has been accepted. If you are already a customer, the amount you can request is higher, up to € 1000. From the main page in the loan calculator you can choose the amount that you would like the company to lend you. Your application is then reviewed and the company will inform you of the limit it has approved in your case. To apply for financial services it is necessary that you are between 25 and 70 years old, have permanent residence in Spain and the ability to work. Ferratum.es is a website of Ferratum Bank. Plc with address at Tagliaferro Business Center, Level 6, 14, High Street Sliema SLM 1551, Malta. If you need to contact the entity for any reason, you can do so by calling 912670260 or writing to [email protected] The opening hours are from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturdays and Sundays from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

  • Microloans from € 100 to € 500 and if you are already a client you can take advantage of more advantages from the Personal Area
  • If you have any questions about Ferratum, go to the frequently asked questions section, where you will surely find the answer you were looking for.
  • Enter the "blog" section that is updated with economic news and related to personal finance
  • Incidental expenses
  • Car repairs
  • Machines for domestic use
  • Gift shopping
  • Help in cases of medical illnesses
  • Reductions in study expenses
  • Family leave


Specific information

The procedure is very easy, if you are a new customer what you should do is complete a digital form and specify how much is the amount you need. From the loan calculator itself, you can see how much interest you have to pay, the loan payment term, the total amount, among other information.

You only need to provide some personal information for the company to verify your identity. The data that will be requested in the form are basic such as your name and surname, DNI / NIE, mobile phone, e-mail, among others. You must also decide if you agree to receive special offers, marketing campaigns and surveys from Ferratum Bank on other products and services offered by them, through different means of communication such as email, sms, telephone, social networks or mobile applications. . In addition, you must also accept the company's personal data treatment policy and the terms and conditions. Once you have done this you must click on "Continue".

Ferratum Refund Table

New customer loans are commission free!

Requested amount Fee Total to pay Duration
€ 100 € 0 € 100 5 days
200 € € 0 200 € 30 days
€ 300 € 0 € 300 30 days

A representative example

If you borrow € 150 for 5 days, you will pay € 150 in total. So the tax is going to be € 0.

FAQ Ferratum

What is the Flexible Credit offered by Ferratum?

Obtaining a Flexible Credit from Ferratum is similar to having a credit card but without having to have the card. Once the company activates the loan, that means that you will always have an amount of € 500 available to use. In the case of existing customers, the amount is € 1000. These amounts are the maximum limit of the Flexible Credit. Every time you need money, all you have to do is enter the Personal Area and press a button. In this way the money can be transferred in an agile way to the bank account that you registered without having to give explanations and without the need for too much documentation. You can choose the amount you want each time, as long as this amount does not exceed the established limit and whenever you make money payments this means that the amount will increase, until reaching the same limit. These returns or credits can be adapted to your needs, so take your Flexible Credit now!

How long can I return the loan money?

You can return it whenever you want, it can be the next day if you wish. Remember that you must pay the money in monthly installments that will depend on the amount you asked for. In any case, if you want to pay off all the debt before or pay higher installments, you can always do it.

What happens if I am late in one of the installments?

The unforeseen are inevitable, if for any reason you are late in one of the payments, you will have to pay higher costs. In almost everything, contact the institution, which will help you find the best alternative.


Web: https://www.prestamosfrescos.es/prestamo/Ferratum/experiencia#m

I applied for a mini-loan with FerratumBank and I had no problem. I have already recommended it to my friends.

Web: https://www.helpmycash.com/opiniones/creditos/credito-al-instante-de-ferratum/

Perhaps it is not instantly the credit, but almost!

Loan rating

On the website you can find all the details related to the financial products offered by Ferratum. You can choose if you want a microloan or if you want to open a line of credit, which has higher funds. The entire procedure can be done online and we invite you to enter each of the sections of the website, so that you fully read the conditions of the services they offer you, among other details. It is beneficial that you decide on Ferratum because of the speed with which you can request loans online, which are accepted in minutes, without having to wait for a long time or collect too much documentation. Likewise, transparency is another of the advantages of this institution, taking into account that you can always know how much you have to pay for its services. When it comes to security, you don't have to worry either, considering that your data will be encrypted with advanced technology that provides you with total protection. Ferratum Group is present in 25 countries and has a long history in the financial market.

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Loan terms

  • Be between 21 and 70 years of age
  • With permanent address in Spain

Application processing procedure

  • To determine the total amount of the loan
  • Use our virtual calculator - click Continue
  • Fill in the form and send it


  • If you need a loan for any reason, at FerratumBank we offer microloans and lines of credit. Enter our website!
  • Once you provide your personal information and choose the amount you need, if your request is approved you will get the money in 15 minutes
  • You do not have to worry about hidden costs considering that Ferratum is completely transparent in that sense and you will always know what you have to pay
  • Ferratum Group is present in 25 countries and uses advanced technology to provide you with quality financial services and great security


  • In the event that the debtor does not pay the corresponding amounts within the agreed period, then Ferratum may charge late payment interest.
  • This is not a source of long-term financing, but for specific occasions and specific needs of an urgent nature
  • In the event that the delay in the settlement of the agreed amounts is greater than 30 days, Ferratum will have the right to disable the loan contract
  • In the event that the debtor does not settle the agreed installments, the lender also has the right to hire third parties to collect this debt.


91 267 02 60
Ferratum Bank PLC, Tagliaferro Business Center Level 6, 14 High Street 1551 Sliema, MALTA


If you need a loan in Ferratum, the first one is free! You can request from € 100 to € 500 and in a short time the institution will inform you if the loan has been accepted. Ferratum Rating: 4/5 552 votes.

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