€ 4,000 Maximum loan amount
5 - 48 months Maturity
Interest 21.82%

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    Euroloan Refund Table

    Requested amount Fee Total to pay Duration
    € 1,500 € 166.56 € 1,666.56 12 months

    A representative example

    The calculator shows a representative example: Assuming that the credit term is one year, the amount of credit in use is € 1,500, that it must be paid in 12 equal monthly payments and that the interest, commissions and credit rates they remain the same during the credit period, the APR is 21.82%, with a monthly payment of € 138.88, and the total amount to be returned is € 1,666.56. It is important to keep in mind that, depending on the credit analysis, the interest and the loan payment may vary. Our range of interest rates ranges from a minimum APR of 21.82% to a maximum APR of 200.70% for the profiles with the highest credit risk.

    Loan rating

    Roger molins Jerome P Allison ( LinkedIn )
    I am a freelance writer and consultant for companies and individuals, with a particular emphasis on fintech, technology, startups and online marketing. More information ...

    Loan terms

    • You are over 18 and under 75 years old
    • You have resided in Spain for at least 5 years
    • And you have a valid DNI / NIE
    • It does not appear in the ASNEF file

    Application processing procedure

    • Enter your personal details
    • Accept the terms and conditions
    • Make the withdrawal of funds


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