€ 2,000 Maximum loan amount
1 - 96 months Maturity
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    Hiperprestamo.es: fast and easy loan

    Hiperprestamos.es is a website that connects users with finance companies and lenders.

    The platform receives quick credit requests and without paperwork, in a few minutes they contact you with the loan providers to receive the financing offer. In addition, the conditions of the loans are adapted to the needs of the applicant. Hiperprestamos.es offers the possibility of getting online credits up to € 2,000 with a flexible repayment period (up to 96 months).

    Requirements to request the loan at Hiperprestamo.es

    • To be over 18 years old.
    • Have a mobile phone and a personal email.
    • Fill out the application form with the basic personal data.

    How are credits requested in Hiperprestamo.es?

    The request is made in just 3 steps:

    1. Enter the site Hiperprestamo.es and click on "I want the loan", then choose the required amount, fill out the form and click on "Send".

    1. You receive a call from the loan provider agent to advise you and continue the process.

    2. Once the loan is approved and the contract signed, you receive the money in your bank account.

    Can I request credits online with ASNEF?

    Yes, the loan offers are personalized and adapted to the ability of the applicant to pay.

    Is it necessary to justify the reason for the credit?

    It is not necessary, you can use the money according to your needs: repair the car, take an emergency trip, medical expenses, etc.

    How much can I order at Hiperprestamo.es?

    You can request up to € 2,000 with a return period of up to 96 months.

    HyperLoan Repayment table

    New customer loans are commission free!

    Requested amount Fee Total to pay Duration
    140 € € 51.22 € 191.22 30 days

    A representative example

    For an amount of € 140 over 30 days, the total amount to be returned will be € 191.22. So the fees will be € 51.22

    Loan rating

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    Loan terms

    • Reside in Spain
    • Be between 18 to 75 years of age
    • Have a valid identity document (DNI / NIE)
    • Have two phones and a bank account

    Application processing procedure

    • Choose the amount you want
    • Complete the form with your personal data
    • Choose the conditions


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    In Hiperloan you can request from € 10 to € 2000 that you can return within a period of up to 96 months. Your application is processed quickly and a high percentage of applications are approved. The first thing you should do is fill out the non-binding application that you will find on the website; it is an easy and safe process. HiperPréstamo Rating: 12/5 476 votes.

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