€ 500 Maximum loan amount
1 - 12 months Maturity
Interest 9.99%

Quick information

    Specific information

    The company Milinea Financial Services SLU offers a line of credit through the web portal The loan has a term of 4 months (with weekly or monthly payments), users request a credit limit that they can use (once approved) at their convenience. In addition, the amount of the credit will be available again as the installments are paid. Clients have the opportunity to pay only the fees corresponding to the money withdrawn.

    MiLinea credit line

    • It has a return period of 4 months.
    • The minimum APR is 0% and the maximum is 213.50%.
    • The minimum monthly payment is € 95, while the weekly payment is € 25.

    How do I apply for the MiLinea line of credit?

    Select the limit of your credit line and the payment method (weekly or monthly), then click on "Request".

    Fill out the application and registration form with personal information, indicate your bank, accept the terms and conditions of MiLinea.

    The MiLinea platform analyzes the request and verifies your identity in less than 20 minutes.

    To dispose of the money you have to log into your customer account ("I'm already a user" button). In the option "dispose" you choose the amount you want to withdraw to your account.

    MyLine Refund Table

    Requested amount Fee Total to pay Duration
    € 500 € 375.6 € 875.6 12 months

    A representative example

    Example of a loan with an amount of € 150 for 4 months. The minimum weekly fee is € 25. The cost per disposal is 12.50% of the amount drawn down.

    FAQ MiLinea

    What documents do I need to activate my line?

    In the first provision of your credit line you will have to send some documents online: Photo of the front of your DNI / NIE, photo of the back of your DNI / NIE, selfie with the credit or debit card that you will use in the payments, photo of a gas, electricity or telephone bill (to verify residence address).

    Loan rating

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    Loan terms

    • Be at least 18 years old
    • Have a bank account (in the applicant's name) with an associated debit card
    • Reside in Spain
    • Have income (prove with payroll receipt, pension, unemployment benefit, etc.)
    • Have an email and personal mobile phone

    Application processing procedure

    • Indicate what limit you need
    • Sign up or access by filling in your details
    • Activate your credit line and transfer the amount you want
    • Dispose of the money immediately in your account


    911 318 305
    Milinea Financial Services SLU, Calle del Poeta Joan Maragall, 50, 28020 Madrid


    MiLinea offers a personal line of credit that you can request from your mobile in just a few minutes, you pay only the fees for the amount you use. MiLinea Rating: 4/5 399 votes.

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