€ 10,000 Maximum loan amount
6 - 48 months Maturity
Interest 10%

Quick information

Each person is different, each person has particular needs and different conditions and that is why when applying for a loan it is necessary to take into account all these differences in order to get the best possible benefit and the most appropriate offer. Finzmo has a type of software that allows you to choose from a wide variety of loan agencies. You can choose the most convenient and the one with the most possibilities you have when making payments or satisfying your financial needs.

  • Loans of up to € 10,000 in a matter of minutes. Get your loan fast with Finzmo today!
  • To obtain a loan with Finzmo you just have to complete an application form in just one minute and press send. It's that easy!
  • Finzmo has high approval rates for the loans it offers. Millions of people have benefited and you could be one of them
  • Incidental expenses
  • Car repairs
  • Machines for domestic use
  • Gift shopping


Specific information

In this sense, Finzmo makes use of an extensive database that provides all kinds of financial information about users and that allows them to choose the loan they are going to make in a conscious and safe way. For example, if it is a loan that involves a large sum, but that the client is able to pay easily, you can obtain a quick investment loan for the necessary amount. The interests of this type of loans, since they are not prolonged for a long time, may have a slightly higher rate.

If, on the contrary, we find ourselves in a case where the loan we need is not that high but our payment conditions are long-term, we can access one whose monthly interest rate is very low. Even if the borrowed sum is not that high. Now, if the guarantee that we can offer has to do with our material properties and not with our employment of payroll, the algorithm present in Finzmo will find a lender that accepts this type of guarantee.

Finzmo Refund Table

Requested amount Fee Total to pay Duration
€ 500 € 212 € 712 6 months

A representative example

If you borrow € 500 for 6 months, you will pay € 712 in total. So the tax is going to be € 212.

FAQ Finzmo

Is the one that makes me the loan?

In reality, it is not the same Finzmo platform that makes the credit, but rather the loan is made by other types of lenders with which Finzmo has an agreement and which are interrelated through the database and advanced software the platform has. What's more, even after you've filled out the form with Finzmo and have already requested to see some of the available options, you are under no obligation to proceed with the process if you don't want to.

How long will it take for the loan to be approved and integrated into my account?

When talking about quick loans or immediate loans, this always includes a certain range that goes from approximately fifteen (15) minutes to three days depending on the lending agency with which you have linked.

If I am reported within a list of defaulters, can I still access the benefits of

Finzmo's search engine represents a huge possibility to find all kinds of credit service provider agencies. Some of them specialize in mortgages, others in guarantees on your vehicle, others on your payroll. For some of them, the fact that you are reported does not make any difference when confirming the loan.



"Personalized attention I have received the best offer in just a few minutes."


“The experience has been positive. The process is quick and easy. I will repeat with them for sure. "


"I needed money urgently for a special occasion and I found the best lender thanks to them."

Loan rating

If what you need is a quick loan to cover an emergency, or an immediate investment to take advantage of a business, Finzmo is the best option for you. Its competitive advantage lies in its extensive database and advanced software that will allow you to find the loan that best suits your needs.

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Loan terms

  • Age 18+
  • Credit card
  • Mobile phone

Application processing procedure

  • Fill out the form
  • Choose the offer
  • Receive immediate approval


  • The decision of whether you will be a beneficiary of the loan or not is made very quickly and you can do it online, from wherever you want
  • The service offered by Finzmo is completely free and you are not obliged to obtain financing offers
  • Finzmo finds the best offer for you, according to the information you provide


  • Due to legal issues, it is necessary for the people who access these loans to be of legal age. No procedure can be carried out if the user has not reached the age of majority or if they do not have a valid identification document (DNI / NIE)
  • As it is a virtual application, it is necessary for the applicant to have a mobile phone in their name.
  •, is an application that is only available to those who have a residence in Spain


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At Fitzmo you can get the loan that suits you best, up to € 10,000 in a matter of minutes. Finzmo Rating: 5/5 413 votes.

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